You need business setup consultancy to start your business in Dubai

Can a business setup consultancy in Dubai really help me?

I always wanted to start a business, but I wondered if a business setup consultancy in Dubai would be of any help. I researched about business setup and knew the procedures for setting up a company, hence I always doubted the need for a business setup consultancy in Dubai.

I was confident and went ahead on my own, but to my regret, I spent a lot of money on the wrong documentation. Moreover, most of the paperwork was as in Arabic, because of which I further had difficulty in understanding it. I also ended up applying for a license that would restrain me from adding corresponding business activities. Overall I wasted a lot of money!

I realized that irrespective of the approachable environment that Dubai offers in terms of business setup, it can be difficult to start a company without a business setup consultant in Dubai. There are numerous governmental rules and legislative procedures involved in the process of setting up a Dubai company. Without proper direction starting a business may lead to formidable situations.

The Dubai government and the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, strive to create a user-friendly and adaptive approach for entrepreneurs. Yet, for me as a foreign expatriate, it was way too tedious to understand the level of intricacies. Also, led me to fines and made the process further time-consuming for me.

To my rescue, I got in touch Shuraa Business Setup Consultants. I appointed a business consultant in Dubai and they got me through all the business setup requirements. From documentation to acquiring a business license from getting approvals to sorting my visa and PRO related activities. Shuraa’s business consultant did not only rationalize my business-related queries but also offered me guidance on every step of my company setup in Dubai.

If you are still doubtful, just contact SHURAA BUSINESS SETUP for a free business setup consultation. Chat with a live business setup agent or leave Shuraa a message.

You may also call on +97144081900 or WhatsApp requesting a call back on +971507775554.

(The narration is provided by Shuraa’s client Mr. Solomon Mathew who owns a renowned merchandise trading business in Dubai.)