Business Trade License in Dubai

A trade license is the most important document a business needs in the UAE

The process of getting a trade license in Dubai, UAE involves getting approvals from the government and the economic department. You also need to get all your company formation documents cleared from different UAE agencies within a short time period. For first-time investors, this process can be confusing and expensive.

Shuraa Business Setup can get you your business license in Dubai as well as across the emirates in no time! We advice on the right kind of license for your business, help you acquire the license and give reminders for renewal of license. In the unfortunate case, where you need to get your trade license cancelled Shuraa Business Setup expedites the process minimizing your fines and costs.

When you plan to set up a business in UAE, a trade license is the most important document you need. Know how to get a business trade license in the simplest way possible at Shuraa Business Setup.

Types of business trade license required to start a business in the UAE

The Department of Economic Development has listed thousands of activities but streamlined major businesses under four business trade licenses in Dubai & UAE.

  • Commercial License

    • Commercial Trade License in the UAE is for companies engaged in buying or selling goods. For trading within UAE or even outside the country a commercial business trade license is a must. Some of the business activities held under a UAE commercial trade license are imports and exports, trading of products, rental services, brokerage firms, logistics firms, real estate, etc.

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  • Professional License

    • Professional Trade License in the UAE are a mandate for service-oriented companies. 100% ownership is offered under a professional trade license but requires a local service agent to complete the process. Professional license can undertake business activities such as management consultancies, law firms, marketing & designing, auditing & accounting companies, etc.

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  • Tourism License

    • Dubai is positioned as the leading tourism destination visited by tons of people every year. Aiming to regulate tourism industries in the UAE – the economic department ant the DTCM initiated tourism license in the UAE. Tourism License in the UAE need to be obtained by businesses such as travel agents, tour operators, hospitality industry, etc.

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  • Industrial License

    • Industrial Trade License in Dubai and across the UAE is issued to businesses involved in industrial and manufacturing activities. You need to have a physical office inside the country for this license. Some of the notable activities are manufacturing of any kind of products, casing of products, furnishing of products and packaging of products.

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