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Is a Dubai mainland firm good for you?


Invest in any of the UAE's business
activities and do business in the country or across the world.


Is a Dubai mainland firm good for you?

Invest in any of the UAE's business
activities and do business in the country or across the world.


UAE Mainland Company Formation

UAE Mainland Company Formation

UAE is a centre for trade in the Middle East and one of the safest nations in the world.
Businessmen view the UAE mainland as the perfect location to set up a corporation and a
bank account since it is a tax haven with a robust banking network.

In the UAE’s mainland, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) business form is the most common. The
new cabinet decision eliminates the need for local sponsors for the chosen commercial
activities and industry sectors, granting foreigners 100% ownership in mainland companies in certain industries. Because of this, investors can form a limited liability company without a local sponsor.

Any organisation engaged in commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural, real estate, or
other types of economic operations on the mainland is subject to the amendments made to Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies and Amended Law No. 26 of 2020.

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Benefits of UAE Mainland Company Formation

Important Features of UAE Mainland Company Formation

Types of Mainland Company Formation in UAE

UAE offers a variety of business resources to financial professionals that may be combined successfully.

Branch of Foreign Office

Dubai offers opportunities to corporate entities looking for
platforms to expand their firm. You might use Mainland business
creation to incorporate your branch office if you’re looking for further global outreach towards the MENA region.

Professional Companies

Additionally referred to as common organisations, they are
committed to a certain vocation to carry out the professional
practise specific to their field. 


One of the most well-known forms of business entities is the
limited liability company (LLC), which may be formed with the
participation of at least two investors and up to a maximum of
fifty. The percentage of individual shares determines how
much responsibility each accomplice must take.

Representative Office

The UAE allows financial experts from outside to establish a
delegate office without the presence of an investor. A delegate
office refrains from corporate operating activities and is more
inclined to do research and develop promotional activities.

Process For UAE Mainland License


You will need to choose an industry, choose your organisational structure, find a local sponsor or partner, register your company with the
relevant UAE authorities, obtain the necessary permits and licences, and open a bank account before you can open for business in the

Usually, such is the case. However, there may be limitations due to taxes regulations in your place of residence, your nationality, and the type of business you intend to start. You might need to work with a local sponsor if you want to engage in certain types of prohibited commercial activity.

Costs associated with setting up shop in the United Arab Emirates can range widely. Pricing often includes licences, registration, immigration taxes, office rent, and other operating costs. Consult an expert in business setup for an accurate estimate.

Mainland businesses, free zone businesses, and offshore companies are the three most common types of UAE commercial entities. There are pros and cons to each option; making a decision based on how well it fits with your business is essential.

The United Arab Emirates, a formerly tax-free oil producer, has begun adopting a 9% Corporate  Tax system. This is part of an effort to boost non-oil revenue and ensure the UAE continues to be a commercial powerhouse in the region.

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