UAE offshore companies have continued to offer a productive and prolific environment for investors from around the world. Yet, people associate offshore companies with fallacies such a money laundering and secrecy of assets. Assumptions state that offshore company formations are mainly done to disguise an illicit money. However, the UAE government takes strict measure to eradicate any such...Continue reading

Setting up business in Jebel Ali free zone also called as JAFZA in Dubai can certainly be an aspiring decision. Reportedly, JAFZA attracts over 32% of UAE’s foreign direct investment; allotting a trade value of $87.6 billion. It is also said that JAFZA contributes 21% of Dubai’s GDP and has a raging workforce. Such benefits have made business setup in Jebel Ali Freezone an enticing...Continue reading

Starting a business anywhere in the world can be an exciting endeavor. Entrepreneurs have a wide array of places to choose from, but there are also few things to consider while starting a business activity. So, what makes Dubai the best place to start a business? The Judicial System The Dubai Government along with the Department of Economic Development (DED) offers a business-friendly...Continue reading

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Startups in Dubai retail sector are plentiful and the merchandise trading business in Dubai is also huge. With the Dubai Shopping Festivals and other such events at boost - opening a shop in Dubai could be advantageous. Not only in Dubai but the retail sector is one of the best business in UAE. Moreover, setting up a business in the retail sector provides loads of opportunities and is...Continue reading

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Business setup in Dubai witnessed a sharp expansion until the end of the year 2017, as reported by the economic tracker of Emirates NBD in a national daily. The report says, “New business establishment and activities have enhanced the economic conditions and non-oil sectors are mainly expanding.” This expansion has continued in the year 2018 as well and why wouldn’t it be?...Continue reading

A business trade license is a mandatory requirement for every business entity in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. To start a business in Dubai business licensing procedures and governmental permits must be taken into keen consideration. Before we understand what the cost of a trade license in Dubai is, let's contemplate few other frequently asked questions on trade license in Dubai: Why do...Continue reading