Starting a business in Dubai can surely be an exciting endeavor, that makes Dubai the best city for business startups in the world. Dubai is distinguished as a commercially affluent destination offering direct foreign investment, innovative expansions, financial upliftment and technologically advanced measures. These attributes have promoted growth and inclined people from around the globe to own...Continue reading

The United Arab Emirates is among the best counties in the world to start a company. UAE is segregated into a jurisdiction that enforces provincial principals, characterizes laws, provides jurisdictional benefits and levies taxes accordingly. Furthermore, the governmental reassurances, high-tech advancements and efficient infrastructure, just makes business setup in UAE an even more welcoming...Continue reading

Entrepreneurs and businessmen who offer a service-oriented commercial activity in the country need to have a professional trade license in Dubai, UAE. Getting a professional trade license can be beneficial in several ways. A professional license provides the flexibility to entrepreneurs in terms of hiring employees for business; renting an office space; changing the professional license into a...Continue reading

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the governing body for business setup in Dubai as well as scrutinizes and legislates the various business activities in Dubai. There are over thousands of business activities in Dubai slated by the Department of Economic Development that is being updated every year to provide commercial entities enter the UAE market, make economical investments and...Continue reading

Dubai is one of the most extensive and diversified region in the entire UAE. There are numerous ventures as well as business opportunities in Dubai that attract foreign businessmen and international investors each year. Business setup in Dubai offers a major market to expats investors, thus seeking instant investment possibilities. Identifying the need and comprehending with the current market...Continue reading

For decades, offshore business setup in UAE has been a base for international investors and businesses. Offshore business registration in Dubai and across UAE offers the advantages of having a secured deposit and strict confidentiality regimes for the beneficial owners. The information on beneficial shareholders and directors of the company is not publicly available and may be disclosed solely...Continue reading