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Dreaming of having some extra cash to enjoy in Dubai? You’re certainly not alone! Dubai presents many opportunities for earning additional dirhams through freelancing, online ventures, creative endeavours, or specialised services. The key lies in selecting a side hustle in Dubai that resonates with your skills and passions.

Dreaming of having some extra cash to enjoy in Dubai? You’re certainly not alone! Dubai presents many opportunities for earning additional dirhams through freelancing, online ventures, creative endeavors, or specialized services. The key lies in selecting a side hustle in Dubai that resonates with your skills and passions.

In this blog, Shuraa will guide you through Dubai’s most promising side hustles, helping you navigate the landscape and find the perfect fit for your aspirations.

Top 18 Side Hustles in Dubai

In Dubai, side hustles like become a blog writer, become a Freelancer, pet house sitting, content creator, flea market sales, and extracurricular teacher can generate extra income.

1. Become a Blog Writer

Starting a blog is a popular way to make money online in Dubai. To succeed, you’ll need a decent-sized audience. You can monetise your blog through methods like display ads and affiliate links.

Steps to set up your blog:

  • Select a topic you are passionate about and well-versed in.
  • Consistently create valuable content for your audience.

As your audience grows, you can attract advertisers interested in reaching your readership.

2. Become a Freelancer

Dubai’s gig economy is booming, with companies seeking freelancers like writers, designers, web developers, and more. Start by creating a profile on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to offer your services. Use your LinkedIn network to announce your availability for side projects.

This flexible work model allows you to earn extra income by showcasing your writing, editing, graphic design, web development, marketing skills, or photography Business. You can get a freelancer visa with the help of Shuraa Business Setup.

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3. Pet House Sitting

If you love animals, you can care for pets when their owners are away, whether at work or out for the evening. House-sitting allows these fur babies to stay comfortable in their environment. You can also offer dog-walking services in your local community. As it helps the pets get exercise and enjoy their time outdoors.

You can significantly increase your side income if you have specialised skills like training or specific pet care expertise. Building trust with pet owners takes time, but once you become their pet’s favourite house sitter or daily walker, you become an invaluable part of their lives.

4. Content Creator

Being a content creator has become a popular and flexible side hustle in Dubai. As the city embraces digital transformation, there’s a growing demand for engaging online content. Businesses, especially in e-commerce and digital marketing, need fresh and captivating content to boost their online visibility.

This creates numerous opportunities for content creators to showcase their skills and earn extra income. Common freelance gigs include writing blog posts, making videos, designing graphics, and crafting social media campaigns that capture attention and drive engagement.

5. Flea Market Sales

Flea markets are a regular feature in Dubai, drawing a lively mix of locals and tourists eager to discover unique and affordable treasures. These markets offer a great opportunity for a side hustle in Dubai, showcasing and selling diverse goods including handmade crafts, vintage items, quirky collectables, and locally sourced products. With low overhead costs and flexible operating hours, flea market selling is accessible to individuals. It helps them earn extra income without needing a large initial investment.

6. Extracurricular Teacher

An extracurricular teacher in Dubai plays an important role in enhancing students’ educational experience by offering various activities beyond the standard curriculum. These activities can range from sports and arts to technology and leadership training, aiming to develop students’ skills, interests, and overall well-being.

7. Accept Local Promotion Jobs

Promotional jobs in Dubai are flexible side gigs you can take on at your convenience, whether at events, shopping malls, or hypermarkets. In this bustling city, events are frequent and prime opportunities for companies to directly introduce their products to consumers. 

With the pandemic behind us and lockdowns lifted, companies are ramping up their promotional campaigns again.

8. Start a Small Business

Starting a small home-based business is a fantastic side hustle. If it aligns with your passion, it can help alleviate the stress of your corporate job. Being your boss allows you to schedule and control your work.

Whether creating artwork or baking sweet treats, you can sell any product or service you excel at. If you plan to transition to a full-time business, consider this your trial period.

With proper nurturing, it could grow into a full-time venture. This path fosters independence, creativity, and personal growth, allowing you to make a meaningful impact in your community or industry.

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9. Create a Small Online Course

Developing an online course is an excellent side hustle in Dubai. If you have specialised knowledge in a particular area, you can create a detailed course and upload it to platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. Learners can then pay to access your material and benefit from your expertise.

One of the greatest advantages of this side hustle is its potential for passive income. After you put in the effort to create the course, you can continue to earn money if there is interest. Your content can generate revenue for years, providing a steady income stream.

10. Start A YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a great side hustle in Dubai. Like blogging, you need to find a niche you’re passionate about with a large audience. You’ll need to produce videos on your chosen topic regularly. Once you gain subscribers, you can earn money from YouTube’s ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

11. Invest in Dividend Stocks

Investing in stocks might seem intimidating, but it’s a viable way to earn money in Dubai. With a small investment, you can own equity in a company and share in its profits.

“Dividend stocks” are shares of companies that pay out a portion of their earnings to shareholders every quarter, known as dividends. The dividend yield, the percentage of the stock price paid out in dividends, typically ranges from 1% to 5%, depending on the company. The more shares you hold, the higher your dividend earnings will be.

12. Cook Homemade Dishes

Dubai is a great place to start a new life, seek better opportunities, or enjoy a vacation. Many residents are excited to explore new things, especially food.

If you have cooking skills, you can earn extra money by preparing traditional dishes and desserts on weekends or in your spare time and selling them in your neighbourhood. If your food is popular, you could collaborate with local restaurants and bakeries to expand your business.

13. Sell Used Items Online

Selling used items like old clothes and second-hand electronics can be a great way to earn extra money from home. What you consider outdated might be valuable to someone else.

Numerous online platforms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can help you sell second-hand items. Spend some time finding the best platform for your product. Take good-quality photos with your phone; soon, people will start placing orders.

14. Play Online Games

Online gaming has surged in popularity in recent years, covering everything from sports to action and horror. Surprisingly, playing certain games can generate income.

Online gaming is something other than a top-side job in Dubai. Some players earn money by reaching high levels and selling their accounts to others. Additionally, many online games offer contests with cash prizes. This makes it possible to enjoy your spare time and make money simultaneously in Dubai.

15. Part-Time Delivery Agent

Home delivery is booming as more people opt for doorstep convenience. This has created a strong demand for part-time delivery agents in Dubai. This side hustle offers the opportunity to earn extra money based on the number of deliveries you can handle during your free time.

16. Translation

Being bilingual in Dubai is an asset that can be monetised through freelance translation jobs, offering a viable side hustle in Dubai. You can earn income by translating texts in at least two languages, and your earnings will be based on the quality of your work.

This job often doesn’t require a specific degree, making it accessible for earning extra income. With online opportunities available, working from home is feasible, as many organisations offer freelance translation roles that only require passing a simple test. To work as a translator, you must have a document-clearing service license. Shuraa will help you get your documents cleared. Contact us today!

17. Part-Time Tourist Guide

Dubai’s diverse cultures, landscapes, and attractions attract millions of tourists globally, making assisting them a lucrative opportunity in the city. A tourist degree is also required to become a Tourist guide in the UAE.

This side job requires a license in Dubai, but it’s rewarding. Beyond knowing the best places to eat, a thorough understanding of Dubai is essential for providing top-notch tourist guidance.

Exploring Dubai, enjoying its sights, and sharing your knowledge with visitors can be one of the best ways to earn extra income. For being a tourist guide you need to require different license and Shuraa will help you with the same.

18. Create Professional Resumes

Dubai’s global magnetism draws job seekers who frequently require assistance creating resumes. Utilising market experience and online templates, you can meet this demand by producing high-quality resumes aligned with Dubai’s specific hiring preferences.

These are the top 18 side hustles in Dubai and the UAE that will help you earn more money. If you want to set up a business in Dubai, you can contact Shuraa Business Setup. The experts will help you with every step of the process.

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Find Your Profitable Hustles in Dubai with Shuraa!

Finding the Profitable side hustles in Dubai is easier. We hope this guide gave you valuable insights on earning more money in Dubai. If you still have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to consult our experts.

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