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UAE has seen a steady rise in woman business owners over the years. What business ideas in Dubai for ladies would be effective? The answer lies in various initiatives taken by the UAE government such as changes in the visa program (10-year property visas for expats and one-year residency extensions for recently divorced/widowed women), convenient maternity programs, and low business setup cost, etc. Women can do any business they want to in the UAE as long as they fulfil the necessary requirements.

Did you know? In 2017, a $50 million fund was set up to promote female entrepreneurship. This fund closed 64% of the overall UAE workforce gender gap in just one year. On this note, let’s have a huge shout-out to all the woman entrepreneurs and leaders making it big.

List of Business Ideas in Dubai for Ladies

We’ve compiled a list of successful business ideas for women wanting to launch a new business in the UAE.

1. Event Planning and Management Business

Event planners are always in demand in Dubai. A city with events across varied industries and themes requires people with an eye for detail and a passion for organisation and planning. From corporate events, product launches and meet-and-greets to party planning, customised experiences and art events, female business owners can carve their niche.

Women get the opportunity to build their network, socialise, and grow, while conducting events that become the talk of the town. Event planning is a great business idea for ladies in Dubai.

2. Henna Application Services

Applying henna is a standard cultural practice across most Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. In Dubai, where the majority of the population comes from these nations, henna services are always in demand throughout the year. Opening a henna salon is feasible for women even without a traditional degree. With a professional license and the appropriate corporate structure, either LLC or sole establishment, you can easily translate your henna business idea to reality.

3. Consultancy Services

Women with professional degrees can set up their own consultancy services based on their expertise and interest. By paying a nominal professional license fee, women are free to set up a shop in Dubai. Consultancy services can apply to various industries, including wedding consultancy, educational consultancy, migration services and more.

4. Marketing and Social Media Management 

In a digital world, it is rare to find someone without a social media presence. This data can be mined to create a profile in social media management and marketing. Companies worldwide look to invest in Dubai and require help to promote their services. Therefore, women can open their own marketing companies and provide these services to global clients. Doing business in Dubai as a woman can open doors to a global audience.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s top influencers and celebrities who need constant social media updates across all platforms. Hence, social media management is a lucrative industry with a large pay-out. More people access these services to handle their social media presence.

5. Boutiques

Women skilled in the sartorial arts and with a detail for fashion can open their own boutiques. Among the most popular business ideas for ladies in Dubai, boutiques are also the most profitable. In a fashion-conscious city like Dubai, people always look for someone to provide the latest trends and quality products. Therefore, opening boutiques allows women to display their artistic side but build a lasting business.

6. Flower Shop Business

One would not expect flowers to bloom in the desert, but flower shops in Dubai are growing in demand every year and are emerging as a trending business idea for ladies. Flowers celebrate all significant life moments. Thus, women can easily open a floral shop and work across multiple platforms. Major expenses include e-commerce licensing and logistics. The opening of the Dubai Flower Center free trade zone will allow access to the best floral options at convenient rates.

7. Wellness Centers

In a world where people have an increased awareness of their health, and want to apply healthy lifestyle practices, opening a wellness center makes complete sense. To open a wellness center, determine the services you will provide. Certain facilities may require a DHA license at a cost of around AED 9000.

As a business idea for ladies, opening a wellness center allow you to provide services that are lifestyle and healthcare-oriented. This appeals to a large audience and has the potential to become a brand.

8. Bakeries 

Opening an elite bakery with a unique selling point is relatively easy in Dubai. Business owners benefit from the huge footfall of tourists Dubai receives each year. Once you get initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED), move on to other aspects such as formulating your business plan, deciding your menu and location, obtaining licenses and permits, getting an NOC from the Food and Safety Department, etc. Then, you are ready to create magic with your hands.

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Making Your Business Ideas Reality!

There is no better time to set up your company than now. With expert guidance and a dedicated operation team, Shuraa Business Setup is here to make your business dream a reality. Take advantage of the exclusive mainland package at just AED 18,500* and get major benefits such as a lifetime investor visa, professional trade license, name approval, and many more services.

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