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The UAE leads digital transformation, using new technologies to improve government services and enhance experiences for residents and visitors. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) manages the population registry and ensures data security. ICP Smart Services, an ICA initiative, provides an easy way for people to access government services online.

With advanced technology and digital platforms, ICP Smart Services make it easier for people to complete various administrative tasks, such as visa applications, residency renewals, and ID card services, from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go.

So, let’s explore what ICP Smart Services are, how they are transforming the way government services are delivered in the UAE, and the benefits they bring to both residents and government agencies.

What are ICP Smart Services in the UAE?

ICP Smart Services in the UAE is an online portal by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It allows individuals and businesses to apply for immigration, citizenship, and identity-related services online.

ICP Smart Services streamline tasks, reduce processing times, and improve access to critical services through digital platforms.

Services Offered Through ICP Smart Services

ICP Smart Services offers a wide range of services for various user groups. Here are the various services available:

1. For UAE Citizens

  • Emirates ID: Apply for new IDs, renew existing ones, and replace lost or damaged IDs.
  • Passport: Apply for new passports, renew passports, and report lost or stolen passports.
  • Family Book Management: Update family information, add or remove dependents, and obtain family book printouts.
  • Sponsored Individuals Management: Manage Emirates ID and visa applications for individuals you sponsor in the UAE.

2. For UAE Residents

  • Visa Application: Apply for new visas, including tourist visas, work visas, and residence visas.
  • Visa Renewal: Renew existing visas before their expiry.
  • Emirates ID Application and Renewal: Apply for a new Emirates ID or renew an existing one.
  • Change of Status: Apply to change your visa status within the UAE (e.g., from tourist to resident).

3. For GCC Citizens and Residents (GCC – Gulf Cooperation Council)

Sponsored Individuals Management: Manage Emirates IDs for individuals you sponsor in the UAE, who are citizens or residents of other GCC countries.

Benefits of Using ICP Smart Services

ICP Smart Services offer many benefits, improving your experience with immigration, citizenship, and Emirates ID in the UAE. Key advantages include:

1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Apply for services and manage applications anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your home or office. No more waiting in queues at service centers.

2. Reduced Processing Times

Digital workflows and automated processes significantly reduce the time required to process applications and requests.

3. Real-time Tracking

Track the status of your applications and documents in real time. Stay informed about the progress and avoid unnecessary follow-ups.

4. Reduced Paperwork

Minimize the need for physical documents. Submit applications and documents electronically, saving time and reducing the risk of lost paperwork.

5. Cost Savings

Minimizing the need for physical documents and in-person visits reduces costs for both the government and the users.

6. Simple Interface

The ICP Smart Services website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with the system. The platform also offers support in multiple languages.

7. Secure Platform

The UAE government prioritizes data security. You can be confident your personal information is protected when using ICP Smart Services.

Who Has to Register for ICP Smart Services?


  • Emiratis (UAE Citizens): UAE nationals need to register to access services related to their identity cards, passports, and other citizenship-related documents.
  • Expatriates: Foreign nationals residing in the UAE are required to register for ICP Smart Services to manage their residency permits, visas, and related services.


  • Tourists: Visitors to the UAE, including tourists, can register for ICP Smart Services to apply for e-visas and manage their stay.
  • Business Travelers: Individuals visiting the UAE for business purposes need to use ICP Smart Services for their visa applications and related processes.

Business Entities

  • Companies and Organizations: Businesses operating in the UAE must register to facilitate the visa and residency processes for their employees, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

Government and Public Sector Employees

  • Government Employees: Public sector workers need to register to manage their official documents and related services through the ICP platform.

How to Register for ICP Smart Services?

Registering for ICP Smart Services is easy. Visit the ICP portal, enter your information, verify your identity, and set up your profile. Here’s how:

1. Visit the ICP Smart Services Website

Access the ICP Smart Services website using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

2. Click on “Register”

Look for the registration option on the website. It might be a dedicated button or a link within the login area.

3. Enter Personal Information

Provide your full name, date of birth, nationality, and other required personal details. Enter your Emirates ID number if you are a resident or your passport number if you are a visitor.

4. Create a Username and Password

Choose a strong username and password that you’ll use to log in to the ICP Smart Services portal in the future.

5. Verify Your Identity

Complete the identity verification process, which may involve entering a one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. Uploading scanned copies or photos of your ID documents (e.g., Emirates ID, passport).

6. Submit Registration

Review all the information you have entered to ensure it is accurate. Click on the “Submit” button to complete your registration.

7. Access Your Account

Once registered, you should be able to log in to the ICP Smart Services portal using your chosen username and password.

How to Use ICP Smart Services?

Visit the official ICP Smart Services website through a web browser or download the ICP Smart Services mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The website offers a categorized list of services. You can browse by category (e.g., Emirates ID, Visa, Passport) or use the search bar to find a specific service.

Each service page typically provides details like eligibility requirements, required documents, processing times, and associated fees. Make sure you meet the criteria and have the necessary documents before proceeding.

Most services allow you to initiate the application process online. This might involve filling out an online form, uploading scanned copies of documents, and paying any applicable fees electronically.

ICP Smart Services often allows you to track the status of your applications and requests in real-time. This lets you know where your application stands in the process.

How to Apply for Visas on ICP Smart Services

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for visas using the ICP smart services:

  • Visit the official ICP Smart Services website or launch the mobile app on your device.
  • Look for the “Visa Services” section or a similar option from the main menu or dashboard.
  • Select the specific visa type you’re applying for. Common options include tourist visas, work visas, and residence visas.
  • The ICP portal might offer an eligibility checker tool. Use this tool (if available) to confirm you meet the requirements for your chosen visa type.
  • The form requires details like your full name, nationality, passport information, and current residency status (if applicable).
  • Some visas might require sponsor details (e.g., company sponsor for work visas). Enter the sponsor’s information accurately in the designated sections.
  • Upload scanned copies or clear photos of supporting documents, such as passport bio-page, passport-sized photograph, travel itinerary, and any other documents specified for the visa type.
  • The system will display the associated government fees for your visa application. Pay these fees using the available secure online payment methods.
  • Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed all information, fees are paid, and documents uploaded, submit your visa application electronically.

How to Apply for ICP Golden Visa?

ICP allows you to apply for the Golden Visa electronically. The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa valid for 10 years. It offers several benefits, including the ability to live and work in the UAE without a local sponsor, sponsor your family members, and enjoy 100% ownership of your business.

Who can apply for an ICP Golden Visa?

You can check your eligibility for a Golden Visa on the ICP Smart Services website. Generally, applicable categories include:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals with specialized talents and researchers
  • Outstanding students

How to apply?

  1. Visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website (https://icp.gov.ae/en/services/golden-visa/).
  1. Go to “Services” and select “eChannels Residency & Citizenship” to access ICP Smart Services.
  1. Check your eligibility for the Golden Visa program.
  1. If eligible, initiate the application process through ICP Smart Services.

How To Track Your Visa Application in ICP Smart Services

  • Access the ICP Smart Services website (https://smartservices.icp.gov.ae/) and log in using your registered username and password.
  • Look for the section dedicated to tracking your applications. It might be labeled “My Services,” “My Requests,” or something similar.
  • Within the “My Services” section, you might find a sub-category dedicated to visas or visa applications. Choose this option.
  • The system should display a list of your current or past visa applications. Locate the application you want to track by using your reference number.
  • Clicking on your chosen application will display its status. The status could be something like “Submitted,” “Under Review,” “Approved,” “Rejected,” or “Pending Additional Documents.”

A Seamless Journey Starts with ICP & Shuraa

Now that you know about ICP Smart Services, see how they make handling immigration and administrative tasks easier and more efficient. For visas, residency permits, or other government services, ICP Smart Services simplify the process.

But moving to Dubai and starting a business can still seem daunting. That’s where Shuraa Business Setup comes in. We’re a leading business setup consultancy in the UAE, and we understand how complex immigration and administrative processes can be for businesses. 

At Shuraa, we offer a complete range of services, from UAE company registration and licensing to visa assistance and more. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our friendly and dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

With Shuraa by your side, you’ll have the guidance and expertise you need to make your business journey in the UAE smooth and successful. Get in touch today at +971 4 4081900, via WhatsApp at +971 50 7775554, or by sending an email to [email protected].

Let us help you turn your business dreams into reality in one of the most exciting markets in the world.

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