Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zones

Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zones

Sharjah is the only Emirate with land on the Persian Gulf as well as the Gulf of Oman, boosting its image as a logistics and maritime trading hub. All Sharjah free zones offer superior business amenities, good infrastructure and complete privacy to investors. In addition to that, some Sharjah free zones offer affordable land and labour as well as incentives to small and medium enterprises. Sharjah free zones have highly-developed infrastructure and 24-hour licensing services to enable quick company formation in Sharjah freezone. Sharjah free zones are known for availability of low-cost rentals, whether it is a flexi-office set up or a large warehouse. In Sharjah free zones, there are fewer auditing, accounting and reporting requirements as compared to other free zones.

Sharjah freezone company formation can also be done quickly, but investors need to be aware of the rules and regulations for company registration in Sharjah free zones before setting up a business here. With its international consultants and local expertise, Shuraa Business Setup helps you set up a company in Sharjah freezone in just three days! Our company registration packages help you get your trade license. Your Sharjah freezone business setup cost significantly reduces with Shuraa Business Setup services.

Sharjah Free Zones:

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone – SAIF

SAIF-ZONE provides round-the clock licensing services and is located close to the Sharjah international airport. A unique selling point of Sharjah airport freezone is that warehouses, storage areas, container parking, bunkers, labour as well as housing are available at economical costs.

Hamriyah Free Zone – HFZ

HFZ is the second largest freezone in the UAE and is located close to the Sharjah international airport. Hamriyah free zone in Sharjah is also connected to a 14-metre-deep water harbour. This freezone focusses on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector and offers discounted lease rents, and minimum reporting formalities to SMEs.

Benefits of Sharjah Free Zone Business Setup are:
100% import and export tax exemptions
100% ownership of company
100% privacy with limited financial reporting
Corporate tax exemption

Additional Advantages:

  • 24-hour licensing services
  • Easy access to big ports and Sharjah international airport
  • Cheaper lease rents
  • Low-cost labour and warehouses

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