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The UAE Business Visa: Updates, requirements & process

A business visa in Dubai, UAE is a residency permit that allows foreign expats to stay in the UAE for a specific duration of time. It falls under the UAE Golden Visa system, which also includes long-term visas for applicants and their dependents. There are many benefits of a UAE business visa, the primary being eligibility to stay in the country longer. The need for an extended stay is essential for the smooth execution of business operations in the city.

The emirate’s economic growth is directly impacted by the influx of visitors who additionally convert to residents and investors. As a result, with an investor visa in hand, entrepreneurs can carry out their day-to-day business intricacies efficiently.

Benefits of a UAE business visa 

Once you have your UAE Business visa, you will get numerous benefits to help your company grow. Some of them are: 

  • Access to a modern, fast-moving economy 
  • Liberal tax policies 
  • Network in a business positive environment 
  • Strategic global connectivity from the UAE to other countries 
  • Long-term residency options available 

The UAE government is aiming to make Dubai an unparalleled destination for foreign investment opportunities & economic growth. Accordingly, the region has steadily attracted a global base of expats excited to make Dubai their operational base. More so, the promise of long-term Dubai residency creates a sense of security & stability for upcoming investors in the Dubai economy. 

Business Visa in Dubai: Requirements 

The Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA) has laid down guidelines for UAE business visa applicants, where they need to: 

  • Age: 18 years and above 
  • Hold a valid passport of country of residence with at least 6 month’s validity
  • Present confirmed airline/return ticket copy, itinerary as well as departure within 30 days of visa expiration 
  • Provide valid bank statements showing proof of investments along with sufficient funds to support their stay in Dubai 
  • Present proof of accommodation for your UAE stay 
  • Offer letter of intent for your visit from employer (e.g., Conferences, projects, upskilling, etc.) 
  • Present a copy of professional qualifications or educational certificates 
  • Present a copy of business registration certificate & company trade license if applicable. 

Once the necessary requirements are met, entrepreneurs can proceed with their business visa application in Dubai

Types of UAE business visas 

Potential investors in the UAE require a business visa to enter & stay in the country. They generally fall under two main categories: visit visas & residence visas. 

Visit visas  

They are either single or multiple entry visas to the UAE which are also useful for attending business meetings, trips, conferences or exploring investment opportunities in the UAE. The Emirates offers visa on arrival or no visa required to citizens of over 80 nations. 

Residence visas  

These are issued to people who want to relocate to the UAE. The applicants must either run a business in the UAE, have gainful employment in a UAE based company, or have provable entrepreneurial experience. The validity of these visas range for 2, 3, 5, or 10 years, and allow the holder UAE residency for that period.

To get the UAE residence visa, the applicant must first successfully get an electronic entry permit (e-visa). During this period, they need to clear their medical tests, submit their application for residency permit, submit their biometrics etc. After that, post approval, you will receive your residency visa, as an Emirates ID card. The visa stamping process in passports is now redundant.  

Visit Visa

  1. Single-entry 
  2. Multi-entry 

Residence Visa 

  1. Sponsored: Mainland Visa or free zone visa depending upon jurisdiction of business setup 
  2. Self-sponsored: Green visa (company owners/shareholders) or Golden Visa (investors/executives/property owners) 

Difference between sponsored and self-sponsored visas 

Initially, before 2022, except for the Golden Visa, all other visas required a sponsor from the UAE. It could be a company, a citizen, or a resident. The self-sponsored visit visa and the Green visas are new additions in the latest UAE updates.

Visa application for Dubai as well as the other Emirates is done through different services such as the website, an ICP customer happiness center or an Amer center.  

How to get business visa for Dubai 

Getting a business visa is a simple process when you leave it to experts like Shuraa. Simply submit the required documents and fill out the application form.  

Dubai business visa: Documents required 

  • Duly filled UAE visa application form 
  • Valid passport copy, valid for at least 6-months 
  • Passport photograph against white background (2; recent) 
  • Invitation letter from UAE sponsor 
  • Letter from employer declaring salary & job description 
  • Copy of residence permit (if already living in the UAE)  

Business Visa in Dubai: Cost & application 

For people new to the UAE, applying for a visa can be a time-consuming and an unknown process. Apart from that, the UAE visa laws and regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, when you utilise the help of management consultancies like Shuraa Business Setup, you get end-to-end assistance along with experienced and assured corporate services.

Read on below to know the basic steps to getting a Dubai visa: 

Completing the Visa application form 

The form can be filled in either online or at an UAE Embassy/Consulate. The applicant needs to provide information such as personal details, travel itinerary, purpose of visit etc. Remember to submit the other documents required along with the application. 

Pay the Dubai business visa fees 

Once the application is approved by the concerned authorities, you will need to pay the visa fees. The cost can be borne either through a payment voucher or at the UAE Embassy or consulate. The cost of the Dubai business visa can vary based on the visa type as well as the length of validity. 

Get your Dubai business visa 

Once the visa fees are paid, the application will be processed and decided, all within 14 days. 

How much will a business visa in Dubai cost?

The respective fees for the UAE business visa depend on the type of visa, the duration, as well as the emirate.

  • Cost of Dubai business visa: Approximately AED 3,500 to AED 5,500*
  • Business visa in Abu Dhabi: Around AED 4,000 to AED 8,500*
  • UAE Visit visas: Around AED 350 to AED 600* depending on duration of stay (should not exceed more than 60 days in the UAE) 

Note: All prices are subject to changes made by the UAE government.  

Shuraa offers trusted and reliable corporate services 

Save yourself the hassle of paperwork and government offices. Shuraa Business Setup offers UAE’s leading PRO and visa services. Your application will be in the hands of our experienced team, who ensure that your visa processing goes through efficiently and promptly.

Getting a business visa from Shuraa will help you to expand your company at a global level, while offering benefits like UAE residency, 100 ownership of your business, free VAT consultation, bank account assistance and more. Reach out to us: 

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