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The UAE Golden Visa epitomises a groundbreaking initiative for long-term residency, is designed to offer unparalleled benefits to foreign talents, investors, and their families. It transcends conventional visa offerings by granting distinctive privileges. Therefore, it is including property ownership rights, exemption from the need for a local sponsor. Also, gives the access to premier healthcare and education facilities, and tax-related perks. This strategic endeavour is finely tuned to allure skilled professionals and bolster the UAE’s dynamic growth and international prominence. Now, let Shuraa Business Setup assist you in discovering the top 12 UAE Golden Visa Benefits. Exploring how they can revolutionize your living and working experience in the UAE.

What is a Dubai golden visa?

The UAE has initiated long-term residency visas for specific groups of individuals. These visas are renewable and last 5 or 10 years, depending on the type of golden visa chosen. Additionally, the system enables UAE residents and foreigners to obtain long-term residence visas without requiring a local sponsor. However, visa renewal is subject to certain conditions. Eligible categories of individuals encompass investors, entrepreneurs, specialised talents, and others.

The golden visa aims to incentivise, create opportunities, and retain “talented people and great minds” within the country. Over 400 investors, entrepreneurs, and some of their family members have been granted a golden visa in the UAE.

12 Key UAE Golden Visa Benefits

Below are the following 12 benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa:

1. Long-Term Residency

The UAE Golden Visa grants an extensive residency period of up to 10 years, a substantial upgrade from standard visas. This prolonged stay lays a solid groundwork for sustained personal and professional advancement. It is Beneficial for those seeking to start businesses in the UAE, it opens avenues for career growth and business expansion.

The extended residency facilitates deeper integration into the UAE’s societal fabric, fostering a heightened sense of belonging and a richer appreciation for local customs.

2. Property Ownership Privileges

One of the standout advantages for UAE Golden Visa recipients is the exclusive right to own property within the UAE. This distinct privilege distinguishes them in the real estate landscape. This perk is bolstered by reduced fixed-interest rates on mortgages, reserved solely for Golden Visa holders. It offers more feasible financing alternatives and facilitating the growth of property investments. Given the UAE’s renowned status in global business and tourism and alongside its booming real estate market.

3. No Need for a Local Sponsor

A standout feature of the UAE Golden Visa is its exemption from the requirement of a local sponsor, a notable departure from other visa categories in the country. This autonomy represents a game-changing advantage for entrepreneurs and investors. It helps affording them unparalleled control over their business endeavours and residency choices within the UAE. This freedom streamlines establishing and overseeing businesses, providing flexibility and convenience highly sought after in the UAE’s dynamic business landscape.

4. Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

A crucial feature of the UAE Golden Visa is its inclusion of provisions allowing holders to sponsor their family members. This provision fosters cohesive family units in the UAE, eliminating the necessity for individual visa applications for each member.

Such inclusivity is a notable advantage, strengthening familial ties and instilling a deep sense of security. The capacity to sponsor family members under a single visa streamlines the residency procedure. It underscores the UAE Golden Visa’s family-centric nature, making it an appealing choice for individuals desiring an integrated family life.

5. Access to Career and Business Opportunities

The UAE Golden Visa offers unparalleled access to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. It helps making it a pivotal advantage for aspiring entrepreneurs and skilled individuals. Renowned for its world-class infrastructure and amenities, including cutting-edge technology ecosystems. The state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and a modern transportation network, the UAE provides an environment conducive to business growth and professional success.

Moreover, its strategic location and streamlined business setup processes make it an appealing destination for international professionals and entrepreneurs. This access unlocks many opportunities for career advancement and business expansion in a globally competitive and innovative milieu.

6. Tax-Free Personal Income

A standout advantage of the UAE Golden Visa benefits is its alignment with the UAE’s policy of no personal income tax, which presents a significant financial benefit to holders. This policy, integral to the UAE’s comprehensive tax framework, exempts residents—including Golden Visa holders—from paying taxes on their income, which includes earnings from employment, investments, and other personal sources.

7. Multiple Entry Visa

Moreover, the UAE Golden Visa benefits program grants multiple entry privileges, allowing professionals to travel freely without needing a new visa upon each departure from the country. This seamless access streamlines business and personal travel, positioning the UAE as an optimal hub for entrepreneurs and skilled individuals with international connections.

Additionally, this feature simplifies travel for families, enabling them to nurture ties with their home countries and discover new opportunities without the inconvenience of visa reapplications every time they leave and return to the UAE.

8. Healthcare Access

healthcare access

The UAE Golden Visa benefits ensure families access to an outstanding healthcare system, a cornerstone of the country’s exceptional quality of life. This access encompasses state-of-the-art healthcare facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by top-tier medical professionals.

The availability of advanced medical care provides residents with diverse treatment options and instils a sense of security and tranquillity regarding their health and well-being. Additionally, the visa facilitates access to world-class leisure and entertainment options within a safe and secure living environment alongside healthcare benefits.

9. Educational Access

The Dubai Golden Visa benefits families with children by granting them access to education. Its discounts on higher education are particularly noteworthy, rendering top-tier educational opportunities more financially accessible for families. This benefit extends to international university branches in Dubai, where students can engage in diverse fields of study and obtain globally recognised qualifications.

The inclusion of this educational incentive underscores the UAE’s dedication to promoting educational excellence and equipping families with the necessary resources for their children’s academic development and achievements.

10. Esaad Privilege Card

A notable advantage of the Dubai Golden Visa Benefits is the complementary provision of the Esaad Privilege Card to specific categories of holders in Dubai. This exclusive card offers a range of benefits and discounts on automobiles, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, health insurance, and banking services. By augmenting the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa, the Esaad Privilege Card elevates its overall value, providing recipients with a valuable array of financial and lifestyle advantages.

11. Travel Benefits

Dubai stands as a pivotal aviation center, providing Golden Visa holders with seamless travel possibilities, enabling them to reside abroad indefinitely. Boasting exceptional connectivity to myriad global destinations, Dubai emerges as an optimal headquarters for avid travelers.

12. Retirement Planning

The Dubai Golden Visa is an excellent option for those considering retirement in a cosmopolitan and vibrant city. It allows retirees to enjoy their golden years in a city known for its safety, luxury, and cultural diversity.

Get Your Dubai Golden Visa with Shuraa!

The Dubai Golden Visa offers many benefits beyond mere residency rights. It sets the stage for individuals and families to flourish in a city that continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation and opportunity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or simply seeking a higher quality of life, this visa serves as your gateway to unlocking the boundless potential of this dynamic metropolis.

For inquiries regarding obtaining your Dubai Golden Visa, please contact us at +97144081900 or send a WhatsApp message to +971507775554. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at [email protected] for prompt assistance. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer expert guidance and streamline the process, ensuring you attain a life of luxury and convenience in Dubai.


Q1. Who is eligible for a UAE Golden Visa?

Eligible individuals for a UAE Golden Visa encompass scientists, athletes, investors, entrepreneurs, startup owners, and those who displayed exceptional efforts in crises.

Q2. How long can Golden Visa Holders stay outside UAE?

Golden Visa Holders can stay outside the UAE indefinitely with no restrictions. A visit to the UAE once or twice a year is only necessary to maintain the status.

Q3. Can a UAE Golden Visa Result in Citizenship?

No, it cannot. The UAE Golden Visa pathway does not encompass the option to pursue citizenship. Instead, for those seeking a second citizenship, investors can obtain residency in European nations such as Cyprus, Greece, or Portugal, and become eligible to apply for passports within 5-7 years.

Q4. What are the perks of a UAE Golden Visa?

UAE Golden Visa perks include unlimited renewals, eligibility for spouses, children, and housekeepers to join, and no requirement to reside in the UAE continuously.

Q5. Is it Possible to Purchase a Golden Visa in the UAE?

Yes, it is. To secure a 10-year UAE Golden Visa, foreigners can acquire real estate valued at AED 2 million, which is approximately $545,000.

Q6. What’s the Minimum Salary Requirement for a UAE Golden Visa?

To qualify for UAE residency, individuals employed as CEOs in either the private or public sectors must hold a university degree at the bachelor’s level, earn a monthly salary of at least AED 50,000, and possess a minimum of five years of work experience in the UAE.

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