All commercial trade activities in the UAE requires you to have a commercial trade license

Commercial Trade License in Dubai

All commercial trade activities in the UAE requires you to have a commercial trade license

A commercial license is issued to a company involved in any sort of commercial trade activity. Both general traders as well as specialized traders can avail a commercial license in Dubai and across the UAE.

A commercial license in Dubai, UAE – the most wide-used license in Dubai mainland – is issued to companies involved in commercial activities and trade in the UAE. Your business activity, such as a General Trading, may involve importing, re-exporting, and trading allowed goods and commodities.

Commercial trade license serves as a requirement towards the regulations and protection for such companies. Apart from this, retail companies, construction companies, real estate businesses, transport formations and other general trading entities also need to apply for commercial trade licenses.

Shuraa Business Setup fulfills the required formalities and duly designate the business activity for your company. Apply for a commercial trade license in the UAE with Shuraa Business Setup now!

Advantages of Dubai Commercial License

Obtain a commercial trade license with Shuraa Business Setup. We provide you with various benefits some of them are as follow:

  • You can perform maximum ten related business activities in one commercial trade license
  • Multiple choice among types of companies
  • Under one license several adjacent activities can be incorporated
  • Secure business engagements with Companies Register & DED
  • Applications for visas, licenses, obtaining labour quotas, translation services, etc.
  • Assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts
  • No corporate taxes, no income taxation & simplified financial reporting system
  • Cost-effective ways of renewal for commercial trade licenses in the UAE

The governing bodies such as Department of Economic Development and various other departments are involved in the process of obtaining a Commercial Trade License. To find out more about commercial licenses in the UAE speak to our business setup consultants for free!

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