Business Setup in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is the most significant industrial free zone in the UAE

SAIF Free Zone: Business Setup in Sharjah, License and Visa Costs

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The Sharjah Airport International free zone was established in 1995. It is one of the most significant industrial free zones in the UAE. Sharjah Airport International free zone, also known as SAIF zone, is known to offer some of the best free zone company formations in Sharjah.

SAIF zone’s strategic location links it to the rest of the world. It has the largest cargo airport in the Middle-East and Africa. Moreover, this accessibility and proximity, regardless of where the customers are located, enable affordable costs for transportation and logistics.

Business setup in SAIF zone also provides a variety of company structures along with various other benefits. Though Sharjah accounts for over one-third of the industrial activities in the UAE, the Sharjah Airport free zone is not limited to industrial or manufacturing units and offers competitive privileges. As a result, all these factors have contributed to the immense growth of the SAIF zone. 

Benefits of business setup in SAIF zone

The various highlights of business setup in SAIF zone include:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No personal, income, or corporate taxes
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Strategic location boosting opportunities
  • Leasing options
  • Simple and quick set up process
  • Innovative infrastructures
  • Exemption from all import and export duties; however, you can’t import into mainland

Business activities permitted in SAIF zone

You can conduct several activities in SAIF zone, some of which include:

  • General trading
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture & fishing
  • Media & entertainment
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare


SAIF zone license

SAIF zone authority issues the following trade licenses:

The business license packages start from approximately AED 10,800. However, SAIF zone license costs will vary depending upon the package you select for your company formation.

SAIF zone facilities

The free zone offers various facilities for business setup. These include:

  • Office space
  • Plots of land
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Container parking area
  • Bunker facilities
  • Labour accommodation


SAIF zone license renewal

The renewal process of businesses in SAIF zone is highly cost-effective and simple. There is a requirement to submit an audit report starting from the second renewal of your company on an annual basis.

In order to complete the process of renewal for your company, you will need to pay the renewal fee and submit the signed lease agreement for your facility. An advantage is that your physical presence in the UAE isn’t required for renewal and the process can be completed through an agent.


Business liquidation in SAIF zone

Similar to renewal, company liquidation also does not need the physical presence of the owner and can be done through an agent. You will be required to pay a government fee to complete the process of liquidation.

Company liquidation takes about one month to be completed and involves the following steps:

  • Cancellation of visas
  • Termination of the lease agreement
  • Closure of bank account

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Frequently asked question about Sharjah Airport International free zone:

Yes, you can renew your license remotely using a registered agent with just an authorization letter and renewal fees.

It takes less than a week to get your license and start your business in SAIF zone.

No, you will have 100% ownership and do not require to have a local partner to start your company.

It is not possible to transfer your company from one free zone to another. You can, however, set up a branch of your existing company in a different free zone.

If you want to register your company in a different free zone, you will be required to liquidate your company in the current free zone and then open your company in a different free zone.

Yes, it is a requirement to have an office space to set up a business in the UAE. There are various options and packages that come with choosing the right office for the right amount to suit your company.

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