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Complete guide on starting a bakery business in Dubai, UAE

Magnificent architecture, top-notch ambiance, and relishing bakery delicacies are big attractions for the UAE nationals and foreign crowd visiting Dubai. Moreover, the investors enjoy business-friendly reforms and a crime-free working environment. Therefore, it’s to no one’s surprise that the bakery business in Dubai continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Opening a bakery in Dubai makes perfect sense because of the large influx of tourists that the city receives each year. Investors can secure the necessary business licenses and start their dream bakery business in the UAE. Moreover, you can contact local business advisors at Shuraa who make everything simple for you to obtain a bakery license in Dubai.

How to start a bakery business in Dubai?

Follow the steps mentioned to launch your dream bakery in the UAE:

1. Formulate a business plan

The food industry is more competitive than ever, and you’ll need a unique selling point (USP) to stand out in the crowd. Hence, come up with unique ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment, and create a modern-day bakery business plan.

There are various elite bakeries in the UAE, and you can extract creative ideas from them before starting your bakery business in Dubai. Furthermore, pay special attention to the food quality because it’ll be your main source of revenue, and complement it with a diverse menu and excellent customer service.

2. Decide a place for your outlet

The only issue you’ll have with your UAE location is the “problem of many” because each area has its own set of advantages. However, you can select the option that best meets your business needs while also staying within your budget.

Thanks to Dubai’s multicultural population, you can open your dream bakery shop to sell a variety of Indian sweets, cakes, Pakistani desserts, or traditional Arabic bakery delights. Note that you can enjoy complete ownership of your bakery company in Dubai in the mainland region too. Simply partner with Shuraa, and we’ll become your company formation experts.

3. Apply for a trade license

A business license is required for all firms, regardless of their operations. It’s no different in Dubai when it comes to starting a bakery. You must first obtain necessary permits from the Department of Food and Safety. Once done, you will obtain your bakery license in Dubai from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is in charge of numerous tourism-related operations. Therefore, DTCM’s approval is required to establish your bakery business in Dubai. Once you have these approvals, you can establish your bakery and offer your delectable bakery products, be it modern-day cakes or traditional Asian sweets of Indian or Pakistani origins.

4. Obtain additional approvals

If a few business activities aren’t specified in your approved license, you must seek additional permits outside of your bakery license in Dubai. Depending on your business model, these could be related to food import and so on. You can reach out to Shuraa’s company formation experts, and we’ll assist you in obtaining a bakery business license in Dubai.

Another aspect that investors should keep in mind is following the food code standards maintained in the UAE. It’s a comprehensive document informing entrepreneurs looking to explore the food/bakery industry about the various food norms they need to follow.

5. Ensure you meet all the infrastructural requirements

Once you have all the required approvals and licenses, your bakery’s menu and infrastructure are all you need to worry about. Tourists are fans of bakeries that offer diverse delicacies as they get to explore a lot about various cultures under the same roof. Therefore, formulate a menu that ticks all the boxes.

You should also incorporate provisions for waste disposal, and ensure that the space you choose for your bakery is enough to install all the safety equipment. Moreover, the bakery should also boast of an efficient smoke management system alongside separate washroom and storage areas.

Documents required to start a bakery business in Dubai

It’s imperative to follow all the paperwork norms in the UAE to keep your business compliant with the defined guidelines. Therefore, ensure that you submit all the documents mentioned below to launch your bakery in Dubai:

  • Initial approval by the DED
  • Planning department’s approval
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • A detailed business plan
  • Payment receipt of trade name reservation
  • NOC from the Food and Safety Department
  • Approval from the Dubai Municipality
  • A valid tenancy contract and approval from the Dubai Land Department

What is the cost of opening a bakery in Dubai?

The cost of opening a bakery in Dubai depends on several factors. The number of employees, company partners, commercial space, and a lot more must be considered before estimating the establishment cost. Moreover, you must also settle the payments to obtain a bakery license, reserve a trading name, etc.

The various payments include the Tasheel fee for trademark registration (around AED 620) and initial approval (AED 115). Additionally, the bakery license issuance cost in Dubai is around AED 6,000. Based on your business requirements, you will also have to bear costs for MOA notarization, Ejari (attested tenancy contract), Foreign trade name fees of AED 2,000, company stamp, and immigration card (establishment card).

Start your bakery in Dubai!

It’s the right decision for you to enter the UAE’s lucrative food and bakery sector. Furthermore, new laws and hassle-free resource availability make it easier than ever for expatriates to launch a bakery in Dubai. All that’s left for you to do now is collaborate with Shuraa Business Setup.

Selling Indian/Pakistani sweets, cakes, and Arabic bakery delectables has never been easier. Shuraa’s business setup consultants will help you understand the numerous business rules in the UAE that’ll aid you in deciding on the best location for your bakery business in Dubai. You’ll also get end-to-end company formation support including documentation, licensing, banking, and more.

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