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To start a business in Dubai, you must register your company with the Dubai Municipality. Additionally, you must register all food products manufactured or imported into Dubai. The city is an excellent place to start a business because of its prime location and strong infrastructure. Over the past 10 years, Dubai has experienced significant growth in the UAE.

Before forming a company, you should know how to register it. What primary documents are required for a Company Registration in Dubai Municipality? Get to know the rules and regulations of Dubai. Follow specific legal steps.

If you think this is too much for you, don’t worry; our experts at Shuraa Business Setup will help you with each step. Continue to read more about company registration in the Dubai municipality; this guide will help you better understand it.

List of activities that need Dubai Municipality approval

Here are the activities that need Dubai Municipality approval:

  1. Starting a construction project
  2. Running a medical clinic
  3. Operating a food or beverage establishment
  4. Running a retail store
  5. Manufacturing or selling goods
  6. Getting a trade license
  7. Organising events
  8. Operating a nightclub or entertainment venue
  9. Transporting waste
  10. Expanding and renovating a building
  11. Storing dangerous goods
  12. Importing or exporting food products

Note: If you aren’t sure whether your activity requires approval, consult with our Shuraa experts today

Procedure of Company Registration in Dubai Municipality

If you want to register your Admin account, follow the steps mentioned below:

Create an Admin Account

  • First, log in to the Dubai Municipality portal and create a company account.
  • Now, fill in the required company and admin user details, attach the necessary documents, and accept the terms & conditions.

Enter Company Details

  • You must provide the company’s information. You need to provide the license number, issuing authority, address, license members, and importer code.

Enter User Details

  • Provide personal details, identity information, address, contact details, and verify your contact number/email.

Get Confirmation

  • After verifying the details, you will receive a registration confirmation notice with a reference number.

Get Approval

  • Next, The Dubai Municipality team will verify and approve the details. After approval, you will receive further login steps via email.

Set your Password

  • Follow the instructions to set your account password. A confirmation notification will be sent to you.

Log In

  • You can now log in to the portal with your new credentials.

If you want to register your business Account, follow the steps mentioned below:

Create a Business User Account

  • Only business users can access certain services and roles. The company admin needs to create a business user profile in the portal.

Admin Login

  • The company admin logs in and selects “Management of Company Users.”

Add Sub-User

  • The admin adds the sub-user details and selects the services and roles needed (e.g., related to food products).

Confirmation Email

  • The sub-user will receive a registration confirmation email with instructions on how to set their password.

Access E-Services

  • Once you set the password, the business user can access the e-services on the Dubai Municipality portal.

Tips for getting Dubai Municipality Approval

Before getting approval from the Dubai Municipalities, you must remember these points.

  1. Make sure you have all the required documents before you submit your application. If documents still need to be included, it will take time to get the approvals.
  1. Sometimes the approval can take time. So, you need to be patient throughout the approval process.
  1. The Dubai Municipality will ask questions about your application. You need to prepare your answers beforehand, understand your activity well, and explain why you want approval for it.

Note: You need to take care of everything, like the documents, be thorough with your business, and be confident about it. This will help you get approval fast.

How to Register with FIRS System?

After completing the registration, you can activate your FIRS services by emailing the Dubai Food Trade Commission. The required documents are below.

  • A signed and stamped IRS Application form
  • A copy of your UAE Trade License
  • An Authorization Letter from the company to the Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department declaring the details of the person handling all matters related to the food trade control section.
  • The Emirates ID of the company representative

Authorised Food Trade Representative

Dubai Municipality requires only authorised Food Trade PICs (Persons in Charge) to handle the follow-up on imported consignments with the Food Safety Department. At least one person from the company must be nominated and apply for PIC training provided by Dubai Municipality. Paying the necessary fees before the company registers in the FIRS portal.

Alternatively, the company can submit an undertaking letter (on company letterhead and stamped) stating that one person will apply for PIC training within three months from the current date.

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How can Shuraa help you?

Getting your company registration in Dubai Municipality can be challenging. We hope this guide gives you some idea about the Dubai Municipality. Our experts are well-trained in the concept of Dubai Municipality Registration.

If you have any questions regarding the Dubai Municipality registration, contact our experts at +97144081900 or send a WhatsApp message to +971507775554. Alternatively, email [email protected] for prompt assistance.

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