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Saima Khan is an experienced Business Development expert at Shuraa, bringing over 13 years of invaluable expertise to the table. With a rich background spanning Foreign Direct Investment, portfolio management, real estate, and investments in diverse sectors like technology, energy, tourism, healthcare, education, and sports, Saima is your go-to professional for comprehensive business solutions. Her proficiency extends to securing business licenses, corporate restructuring, and facilitating business setups across all emirates and top free zones in the UAE. She believes in guiding investments with a thorough understanding of activities, locations, jurisdictions, processes, pricing, and paperwork. Saima is a dedicated consultant, committed to advising and choosing solutions with a long-term vision for sustainable growth and development. Her commitment to excellence and client success makes her an integral part of our team, contributing significantly to Shuraa’s mission of helping businesses thrive in UAE’s dynamic mainland, offshores and free zones.

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