What are the nonpermitted Business activities in Dubai

What are the nonpermitted Business activities in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the governing body for business setup in Dubai as well as scrutinizes and legislates the various business activities in Dubai. There are over thousands of business activities in Dubai slated by the Department of Economic Development that is being updated every year to provide commercial entities enter the UAE market, make economical investments and eventually boost business setup in Dubai as well as across UAE.

Nevertheless, like any other country imposes few limitations and restrictions the Department of Economic Development (DED) also restricts several business activities in Dubai. In UAE, standards of legislation and authoritative bodies abide by the Islamic Law, thus business activities in Dubai are as well implied by these laws. Hence, there are a few business activities not permitted in the country, that you could note.

The nonpermitted Commercial and Business activities in Dubai:

  • Food Products: Alcoholic products and pork items are certain limitations on advertising themselves. Although, these products are available in the market. But the production of these products, selling and promotions have few boundaries that must be adhered to have a business setup in Dubai or UAE.
  • Gambling: Casinos, betting shops, sweepstakes and related business setup in Dubai are not allowed. Any business activities in Dubai related to gambling are completely termed as illegal.
  • Pornographic & Prostitution: Considered as an illegal business activity in most nations around the world, UAE also takes strict actions on conception, distribution, promotion of pornographic or prostitution. Also, related clubs and networks are heavily penalized and sternly punished for carrying out such business activities in Dubai or anywhere in the country.
  • Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs: UAE is a cosigner to several international conventions on narcotic and psychotropic substances which involve applying internationally valid control measures to ensure that such substances are not freely available. Moreover, UAE ensures zero-tolerance policy under Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 that criminalizes manufacturing, buying, selling, possessing, storing of related substances.

Thus, before you consider starting a company in UAE or propose a business setup in Dubai, thoroughly learn about the various permissible and non-permissible business activities.

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  • Gaya Shan
    Posted at 23:08h, 20 February

    Setting up an LLC or sole establishment in the UAE: which is best ?

    • Shuraa Business Setup
      Posted at 10:00h, 21 February

      A sole establishment in UAE is mainly preferable for companies under professional license, however professional license in Dubai or elsewhere in UAE can be only obtained if your business activity is relevant to the said license. Setting up an LLC in UAE means you would require a mainland business license. Nevertheless, all these criteria are subjected to your business activity and your zone of doing the business. However, you must take this under consideration that if you get a professional license you will always have the flexibility to change it into a mainland, but a mainland license in UAE for setting up an LLC company cannot be converted it into professional license ever. To get a better idea of which business license in UAE will suit you the best, contact Shuraa Business Setup call us on +97144081900, you may also WhatsApp us on +971507775554.