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Getting a DHA medical fitness certificate online is vital for expats to secure residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This certificate confirms that an individual is free from contagious diseases and upholds the UAE’s stringent public health standards. Thanks to digital service advancements, you can start this process right from home using online platforms.

In our blog at Shuraa business setup, we break down the procedure, detail the necessary personal and medical details you’ll need, and provide a clear, step-by-step guide to applying for the medical fitness test online. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a domestic helper, or a newcomer to Dubai, grasping this process paves the way for a seamless transition to life in the UAE.

What is the DHA medical fitness Application?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched the DHA Smart App, which consolidates all DHA services into one convenient application. This app enables residents to avail of Smart Services offered by the Dubai Health Authority. In addition to scheduling appointments, tracking medications, and viewing lab results, users can also monitor their Medical Fitness Application Status through the app.

Purpose of the DHA Medical Fitness Certificate

The DHA Medical Fitness Certificate is essential for those seeking residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Its purpose is to safeguard individual and public health by ensuring that new residents do not pose any medical risks to the community. The assessment is comprehensive, and upon successfully passing, you will receive a certificate affirming your medical fitness to reside in the UAE.

Who Needs the Certificate?

If you’re an expatriate aged 18 or older planning to live and work in the UAE, you’ll require this certificate. Additionally, company representatives seeking to obtain or renew their residence permits also need it. This certificate proves that you are free from contagious diseases, ensuring you don’t pose a risk to public health.

Types of Medical Fitness Tests

The medical fitness test encompasses a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • A general medical check-up
  • Blood tests
  • A chest X-ray

Blood tests are essential for detecting diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis. The chest X-ray primarily aims to identify respiratory issues, especially tuberculosis.

Specific individuals, particularly those in professions requiring close contact with others—like nannies, housekeepers, and supervisors in nurseries and kindergartens—will also be required to get a Hepatitis B vaccination. This requirement extends to employees in:

  • Beauty salons
  • Health clubs
  • Healthcare facilities

The Hepatitis B vaccination aims to prevent the spread of Hepatitis B, but it comes at an additional cost. Through these examinations, individuals are screened for various diseases, including:

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis 
  • Leprosy 
  • Hepatitis 

These tests uphold the UAE’s stringent public health standards.

Online Application Process

Navigating the DHA Smart App makes applying for your medical fitness test a straightforward and user-friendly experience. To get a DHA medical fitness certificate online, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the DHA Smart App

Begin by downloading the DHA Smart App on your mobile device. This app is your gateway to accessing and tracking your medical fitness application.

Step 2: Register or Log In

Upon opening the app, you’ll have the option to register or log in. You can use your DHA Account, Health Card, or Emirates ID for seamless access. For added convenience and security, the app also offers biometric login options.

Step 3: Locate Nearby Test Centres

The app’s integrated map feature lets you quickly locate nearby test centres. Simply input your location, and the app will provide directions and details.

Step 4: Visit a Typing Centre (Optional)

If you prefer a face-to-face approach, you can initiate your application by visiting a typing centre. Here, you’ll fill out the necessary form to get started.

Step 5: Take Medical Tests

Proceed to the designated test centre once you’ve registered and prepared your documents. Here, you’ll undergo a blood test and a chest X-ray. Rest assured, the process is designed to be efficient and comfortable.

Step 6: Check Your Test Results

Your test results will typically be available within a day. To check your medical certificate status, select the app’s relevant option. To access your results, enter the reference number provided at the test centre and your birth date.

Step 7: Follow-Up if Needed

If your results are delayed beyond the expected timeframe of five days, we recommend contacting the test centre directly for updates.

We understand that navigating medical tests and applications can be daunting, especially when relocating to a new country. Rest assured, the UAE’s high public health standards are upheld through these comprehensive screenings. We’re here to support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Required Documents for the Application

To streamline your application process, please gather the following documents:

  • A copy of your entry permit or residence visa
  • Your original passport
  • Emirates ID
  • A recent passport-sized photo
  • Contact details

For individuals undergoing visa transitions, creating and presenting a change status paper is essential. Having these documents ready will help prevent delays during your visit to the test centre.

Understanding the Service Categories

The cost and specific requirements for the medical fitness test can vary based on your visa type and service category. In Dubai, the standard fee stands at USD 68. Certain visa categories may necessitate additional vaccinations, leading to extra charges.

To ensure a smooth application process, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the requirements associated with your particular visa category. While test results are typically available within 24 hours, we recommend following up with the centre if you have yet to receive your certificate within five working days.

Your certificate will serve as proof of your medical fitness and residency status. For those with visas issued in Emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, or Umm Al Quwain, the tests are conducted at MOHAP-run centres, with a fee of USD 71, excluding additional services for female household domestic workers.

Healthcare professionals must activate their DHA registration within one year by affiliating with a healthcare facility. This involves submitting a recent passport-sized photo, a valid passport copy, a Good Standing Certificate(s), and evidence of qualifications and experience.

A registration fee of USD 54.45 applies to all professional categories. Understanding these details will help you navigate the process more efficiently and meet all requirements.

Payment Methods and Fees

The cost of the comprehensive medical examination and fitness test varies depending on the speed of result delivery. The standard service is priced at USD 73. For quicker results, expedited options are available: USD 190 for a 6-hour turnaround and USD 278 for a 2-hour service.

Domestic workers may be subject to an additional fee for a mandatory pregnancy test. For a detailed breakdown of fees across different packages, refer to Administrative Resolution No. (66) of 2021, as listed by the DHA. Payments can be conveniently made at the test centres or through the DHA Smart App. The DHA website serves as a reliable resource for the most up-to-date fee information and payment options.

Understanding Your Medical Fitness Certificate

Once you receive your medical fitness certificate, take the time to review it thoroughly. The certificate will detail your personal information, the tests conducted, and their results. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for clarification if you encounter any medical terms or terminology you’re unsure about.

What to Do If You Encounter Issues

If you encounter challenges accessing your report or have questions about the results, the staff at the medical fitness facility where you submitted your application will be readily available to assist you. They can also provide an email link to download your test report.

If you encounter any technical issues related to the DHA Smart App, such as login difficulties or problems checking your application status, DHA’s customer support team is on hand to help address and resolve these issues.

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Wrapping Up!

Navigating the medical fitness certificate process is crucial when establishing your residency in the UAE. From grasping the necessary tests to monitoring your application status online and attending your appointment, each phase is essential to meet the residency health criteria.

Although the process is thorough, it’s tailored for your convenience. Equipped with this guide and the DHA Smart App, you can confidently pursue your residency. Remember, a clean bill of health is more than a prerequisite—it’s your key to a bright future in the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I access my DHA Medical Records?

You can view your lab results, manage medications, and schedule appointments using the DHA Smart App.

Q2. How can I view my medical results online in Dubai?

The DHA Smart App provides a platform to check your medical fitness results online.

Q3. How do I apply for a medical fitness certificate in Dubai?

If you still need to apply for a medical fitness certificate, you can visit any visa medical centre in Dubai to initiate the process. For those seeking top-quality medical services, Dubai boasts several outstanding hospitals with staff licensed by the DHA.

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