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Worry not if you’re in the market for a new smartphone in 2024 but need to stick to a budget. This complete guide showcases the best phone under 300 AED, guaranteeing you maintain features, quality, and performance. Even within this affordable range, you’ll find models that present 5G connectivity, a crucial feature for future-proofing your investment, with some even boastful built-in style functionality.

Whether you’re a photography buff, a gaming enthusiast, or a busy professional juggling multiple tasks, we’ve got you covered. Discover our curated selection of budget-friendly yet high-performing smartphones to find the perfect match for your needs.

In this blog, Shuraa Business Setup shares its expertise to help you find the ideal smartphone for your budget constraints. Keep reading to find the best value for your money.

What is the Best Phone Under 300 AED?

If the Google Pixel 6A isn’t available at a sale price, the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G is a standout choice. Boasting a 50-watt charging capability, this phone can recharge from 0% to 100% in just 45 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime. With 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, coupled with a spacious 6.72-inch 1,080p display featuring a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, it offers ample performance and visual clarity.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chip, the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G easily handles most apps. While its 108-megapixel primary camera captures decent photos, it must deliver awe-inspiring results. This is where the appeal of the Pixel 6A lies, especially during promotional periods, as its Tensor chip and advanced photo processing elevate its 12.2-megapixel camera to produce sharp, detail-rich images.

However, if the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G fits your budget constraints, it remains one of the most feature-rich options for under AED629.

Best Phone Under 300 AED

Get the best smartphones available for under 300 AED below:

1.OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G

OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G
Source: https://www.oneplus.com/ae/n30-se

Packed with many features at an attractive price point, the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G stands out, particularly for its outstanding 50-watt charging capability. Charging from 0% to 100% in just 45 minutes, it outpaces most other smartphones in this price range, typically taking 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) to two hours for a full charge. It’s expensive 6.72-inch 1,080p display boasts a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, guaranteeing seamless animation for apps, games, websites, and streaming video.

While the phone’s 108-megapixel primary camera may sound impressive on paper, it only delivers marginally better photo quality than other smartphones in this price bracket. It performs well in well-lit outdoor settings, taking detailed photos, but needs to improve in darker environments, resulting in washed-out or blurry indoor shots. Additionally, the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G is slated to receive only one software update to Android 14, along with three years of security updates, which, although average for this price range, may disappoint some users.

Despite facing tough competition from Google’s Pixel 6A, especially during promotional periods when the Pixel is discounted to $299, the OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G offers an array of functionalities for its price.


  • Rapid charging capability
  • Spacious 120Hz refresh-rate display
  • NFC support for contactless payments


  • Mixed performance in photography
  • Limited software-update timeline

2. Moto G Power 5G (2023)

The Moto G Power 5G is the most affordable phone, with 256GB of internal storage. This wide storage capacity is ideal for individuals who frequently download movies and music for offline enjoyment, especially in areas with defective internet connections. The phone’s 6.5-inch 1,080p display also operates at a silky-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, enhancing the viewing experience for movies, applications, websites, and games.

A microSD card can expand storage even more for those who require it. Like many smartphones within the $200 to $300 price range, the Power 5G retains the convenience of a headphone jack.

While Motorola positions the Power 5G as a media powerhouse within its price bracket, it compromises camera performance. Like other phones in this price range, its outdoor photography capabilities are commendable, but it struggles to capture details in low-light conditions.


  • Impressive screen quality considering its price
  • Extensive 256GB storage capacity
  • Compatible with all three major US carriers


  • Mediocre camera performance
  • Slow charging speed
  • Lack of NFC for mobile payments

3. TCL Stylus 5G

Best Phone Under 300 AED - Top Picks for 2024 1
Source: https://www.tcl.com/us/en/products/mobile/stylus/tcl-stylus-5g-lunar-black

The TCL Stylus 5G offers a blend of affordability and functionality in mid-range smartphones. Its combined style makes the device attractive to users who prioritising productivity and creativity. Equipped with 5G connectivity, it ensures swift data speeds and smooth multimedia streaming, enhancing the overall user experience.

The TCL Stylus 5G also features a sizable display, making it well-suited for tasks such as note-taking, sketching, and steering applications. While its camera capabilities and software performance may not reach the heights of flagship models, its value proposition lies in if essential features and stylus functionality at an accessible price point, catering to a varied range of user needs.


  • Generously sized screen, enhanced by HDR mode
  • An uncluttered version of Android 12
  • Convenient magnetic stylus integration


  • Frequent software bugs hamper usability
  • Preinstalled T-Mobile bloatware
  • Subpar video quality

4. Light Phone 2

The Light Phone 2 represents a departure from conventional smartphones, catering to individuals seeking respite from incessant notifications while desiring an aesthetically pleasing device. Despite its somewhat restricted functionality, this unique phone costs $299.

Featuring an E Ink screen, the Light Phone 2 supports important functions such as texts, phone calls, music playback, podcasts, mobile hotspot capabilities, and limited GPS support for steering. Notably, it must include features like a camera, web browser, email access, and standard apps such as news or messaging applications.


  • E Ink display
  • Lack of cameras
  • Lack of Internet connectivity


  • Absence of cameras
  • Absence of internet connectivity

5. Google Pixel 6A

Best Phone Under 300 AED - Top Picks for 2024 2
Source: https://fi.google.com/about/phones/pixel-6a

The Google Pixel 6A epitomises Google’s commitment to delivering exceptional smartphone experiences at an affordable price point. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Pixel 6A offers a convincing combination of cutting-edge features, refined design, and supreme software integration.

At the heart of the Pixel 6A is its famous camera system, which captures stunning photos and videos with remarkable clarity and detail. Powered by Google’s advanced computational photography technology, users can expect vibrant colours, crisp textures, and impressive low-light performance, safeguarding every moment is beautifully preserved.

Beyond its exceptional camera capabilities, the Pixel 6A boasts a sleek and modern design, with a vibrant OLED display that brings content to life with vibrant colours and deep blacks. With a smooth and responsive user interface, courtesy of Google’s latest Android iteration, directing through apps, multitasking, and accessing essential features is effortless and intuitive.

Furthermore, the Pixel 6A stands out for its commitment to privacy and security, with regular software updates and robust built-in security features safeguarding user data and confirming peace of mind. Whether staying connected with lightning-fast 5G connectivity, enjoying immersive multimedia experiences, or releasing creativity with innovative Pixel-exclusive features, the Pixel 6A empowers users to do more without compromise.


  • Outstanding camera performance
  • Attractive price point
  • Premium design for a mid-range device


  • Display brightness may be lacking
  • There is not as extensive guaranteed Android update support as some Samsung models
  • The video quality may not match the excellence of its photos

How Shuraa Business Setup can help?

1. Market Research Expertise

Shuraa Business setups have extensive market research capabilities, enabling them to understand consumer preferences and trends in Dubai, including popular consumer electronics such as smartphones.

2. Client Needs Assessment

As part of their consultancy services, we thoroughly assess our clients’ needs and preferences. This could include considerations for personal or business use of smartphones.

3. Budget Considerations

Given their expertise in financial planning and budgeting for business setups, we can advise clients on cost-effective solutions, including budget-friendly smartphones under 300 AED.

4. Local Market Knowledge

A deep understanding of the local Dubai market allows them to recommend smartphones that are not only affordable but also cater to the specific needs and preferences of consumers in the region.

5. Value-added Services

In addition to setting up businesses, we offer additional value-added services, such as recommendations for essential tools and technologies, including smartphones, to support clients’ business operations. 

Concluding Thoughts with Shuraa

This guide on finding the best phone under 300 AED has given you insights to make an informed decision. Should you have any inquiries regarding business setup or visa processes in the UAE, Shuraa is at your service. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance and guidance. You can contact us directly at +97144081900 or via WhatsApp at +971507775554. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at [email protected] for prompt support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What distinguishes the Google Pixel 6A from other smartphones in its price range?

The Google Pixel 6A offers exceptional camera performance, a sleek design, and regular software updates, delivering a premium smartphone experience at an affordable price.

Q2. Does the TCL Stylus 5G come with a headphone jack?

Yes, the TCL Stylus 5G retains the convenience of a headphone jack, catering to users who prefer wired audio connections.

Q3. What are the key features of the Moto G Power 5G?

The Moto G Power 5G stands out for its extensive 256GB internal storage capacity, smooth 120Hz refresh-rate display and compatibility with all three major US carriers.

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