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Paperwork & Translation

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Paperwork & Translation

Shuraa Business Setup gets your business documents cleared swiftly and assists you in drafting contracts. Most of the paperwork to start a business in the UAE is in Arabic, so we also offer quality legal translation and typing services.

Governmental Connections

Because of our strong connections with government agencies and years of experience we draft and get documents cleared in a record-breaking time. We offer a dedicated consultant for each client so that you are always updated on the progress of company incorporation. The consultant solely monitors all your approval and have strong ties with these governmental agencies.

So, you no longer need to go to government offices multiple times to register your business in Dubai, UAE. Though our contacts within the governmental bodies we help you get quick approvals to setup your business in UAE on schedule.

Reduced Business Setup Costs

Our paperwork is so prompt that you will save your money! Shuraa provides you with timely paperwork services to help you cut down on your business setup costs. With Shuraa Business Setup, you can forget about missing deadlines and renewal dates. We track your company documents due for renewal, so you never have to pay fines for delay in getting all your business paperwork.