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PRO Services

Shuraa is established on the basis of providing corporate PRO services and solutions to businesses in the UAE

UAE is one of the most investor-friendly destination to start a business, but proper documentation & approvals are a must! An easy way out to this is to appoint Shuraa Business Setup as your PRO company in the UAE.


Shuraa offers hassle-free PRO assistance and document clearing services. Being a foreign investor, comprehending with the rules; change in the currency, Arabic translated documents and such other constraints can be difficult.  At Shuraa our PRO experts in Dubai help you deal with all the formalities of starting a business. You can also save up to 70% of your administrative and PRO services cost with us!

In-House Tasheel Center

Shuraa Business Setup is officially-recognised and a registered UAE PRO service provider in Dubai. We also have a Tasheel Center inside our office to provide you fulltime backing. This also reduces the time taken for processing documents, attestations & makes it the most affordable PRO services in Dubai.

PRO Services at Shuraa Business Setup

Approvals from government agencies
Approval of Trade name
Court Agreement letter / Notary
Typing LLC contract (Arabic and English)
Embassy paperwork
Civil defence paperwork
Municipality paperwork
Labour department paperwork
Immigration department paperwork
Economic department paperwork
Certificate attestation
Legal translation
UAE business license services
Contract clearance
Services for visa processing
Visa amendment
Labour card and immigration card renewal

Government bodies that we work with

Department of Economic Development
Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Labour
UAE embassy
Judicial Courts Authorities
Immigration & Naturalization Department
Roads and Transport Authority
General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs

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