Shuraa assist SMEs through business setup in UAE

Government of United Arab Emirates emphases on the growth of SME sector and shows keen focus on enhancing the contribution as well as the performance of these SMEs, while Shuraa Business Setup has also consistently tried to uplift this concept”, said Mr. Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei Al Ali – the Chairman of Shuraa Business Setup during an interview with Emirates Business on 7 February 2016.

Assisting over 20,000 small and medium enterprises from 2001 to 2015 alone – Shuraa has equally made an effort to contribute towards the economically benefiting SME sector of the region. Adding to these important details, Mr. Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei Al Ali said, “UAE SME’s are on a fast track growth phase, with a health number of investors entering the market every interval. However, when small entrepreneurs with potential need to perform on global platforms – corporate governance, security of their investments and trasperancy aspect become a must – this is where Shuraa takes part in ensuring these companies are established with competence and efficiency.

Read the whole transcript of the interview with Emirates Business below:

Shuraa Assist SME through business setup in UAE

Further closing his talk, he advised young entrepreneurs, that focus and clarity is essential in order to start a business. He also said that he has been happy in encouraging, assisting and mentoring talented entrepreneurs – those who although started from as SME’s but have turned into global leaders today.

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