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Shuraa celebrates remarkable milestone of setting up 4,000 companies in 2023

shuraa celebrates remarkable milestone of setting up 4000 companies in 2023

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Dubai based Shuraa Business Setup, a leader in the world of company formation and corporate services in the UAE, has reported record achievements with over 4,000 companies formed in 2023. This milestone is a testament to Shuraa’s commitment to excellence, ensuring consistent client success and moving in tandem with the UAE’s corporate landscape.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Saeed Khaila al Fuqaei, Founder & Chairman of Shuraa, expressed immense pride in the firm’s accomplishments. He said, “We are thrilled to have reached these record-breaking numbers in just one year. Shuraa is committed to fulfilling the business ownership dreams of global entrepreneurs and we are grateful for the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us.”

Shahid Rather, Managing Partner of Shuraa Group, said, “As Shuraa Business Setup nears the end of yet another successful year, it stays true to its commitment to providing world-class corporate solutions, fostering global partnerships, and assisting talent with their diverse business needs. For over 22 years now, Shuraa has been a constant pillar for Dubai’s economic landscape. Catering to the needs of 100,000+ clients, we have a proven record of excellence and a commitment to innovation.”

A glimpse of 2023 for Shuraa Group

There were several notable milestones in Shuraa’s journey in 2023. From hosting networking events to getting people compliant with UAE tax rules, and opening more global branches, Shuraa certainly had a productive year.

Shuraa x IFZA Co-Lab: A day of unparalleled networking

Shuraa started off 2023 by hosting a highly successful networking event in New Delhi, India. The Shuraa x IFZA Co-Lab was a one-day event held in March which saw over 400 HNIs, UAE government officials and expert corporate consultants attending a shared platform to network and gather. Entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe came together to benefit from the corporate services selection that Shuraa offers.

Bridging global borders with our Amsterdam Hub

Over the years, Shuraa has continuously strived to expand its reach to better serve its international clientele. With its latest office opening in Amsterdam, Shuraa is well-positioned to assist entrepreneurs in establishing their business with ease and efficiency. A strong presence in key business hubs worldwide is a demonstration of Shuraa’s commitment to accelerating the business setup process with ease and efficiency.

Golden Visa issued for Over 200 investors

In addition to its impressive company formation record, Shuraa has played a pivotal role in helping over 200 individuals and families obtain golden visas, a testament to its expertise in UAE Visa and Residency via Investment services. UAE’s Golden Visa program has been instrumental in attracting top talent and investors to the UAE, and Shuraa has been at the forefront of facilitating this process for its clients.

Ensuring compliance and corporate tax readiness

Shuraa Business Setup has been a trusted partner in assisting businesses with UAE tax and financial compliance matters for several years. Our team of certified tax agents, compliance and AML officers ensure that clients are well-informed about tax regulations and compliance requirements, helping them navigate the complex landscape of corporate taxation in the UAE.

Making international education accessible

Shuraa Education soared to new heights in its first year of operations with assisting over 500 academically gifted students in their desire to achieve higher zeniths of education. With ties to 120+ top-rated academic institutions across the world, Shuraa strives to fulfil the dreams of all aspirants wanting to better their future

Shuraa Business Setup has positioned itself for a far more successful 2024 and is looking to make bigger splashes in the company formation industry. Connect at 800-SHURAA or www.shuraa.com for enquiries.

Source: https://gulfnews.com/business/corporate-news/shuraa-celebrates-remarkable-milestone-of-setting-up-4000-companies-in-2023-1.1703230004400

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