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Exceptional Leadership Driving Shuraa Management and Consultancy to New Zeniths

Exceptional leadership driving Shuraa Management and Consultancy to New Zeniths

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Shuraa Management & Consultancy, a Dubai based corporate consultancy, recently welcomed an addition to its executive suite. Sahil Mehta has joined the Shuraa family in his capacity as CEO for Shuraa Tax Consultants, the tax and accounting vertical organisation.

Formed in 2001 by Emirati entrepreneur Saeed Khalifa Al Fuqaei, Shuraa has evolved over the years to become a legacy organisation in the industry. A one-stop corporate solutions provider, the company offers a wide range of services specially designed to facilitate processes for entrepreneurs seeking to make the UAE their base of operations.

Introducing the CEO for Shuraa Tax Consultants & Accountants

Mehta is a highly accomplished financial expert with over 12 years of experience across domains like FP&A, Regulatory Reporting, Cost Controlling, Assurance & Audit & Due Diligence. His integration into the Shuraa family is a huge welcome, and he seeks to take Shuraa Tax several steps forward in its growth journey.

Mehta is a firm believer of leading by example and seeks to build a communicative and approachable work ethic. He also intends to enhance internal team relations through strengthening interdepartmental communication and streamlining integration. Among his focused goals for the company are maximising resource capability, increasing the current client base and enhancing the accounting and auditing services. An Anti-Money Laundering team has also been established under his tutelage with the mission to safeguard the financial system from abuses of financial crime.

Beyond his very fine capabilities as a seasoned financial officer, you can catch him breaking out into dance occasionally, or travelling around the world and experiencing different cuisines.

Stellar Leadership from the Managing Partner

The consistent rise of the Shuraa Group can be successfully attributed to its managing partner, Shahid Rather, who has been instrumental in Shuraa’s international expansion. Since assuming his position in 2020, he has brought about remarkable achievements for Shuraa through his innovative business strategies. Not only did he achieve a tremendous four-fold increase in revenue, but he also spearheaded the establishment of regional hubs in top global cities such as London and Amsterdam.

There are several successful implementations that can be attributed to Rather, such as broadening Shuraa’s roster of services to include business setup services, tax and accounting, compliance, education consultancies & more. He was also the key negotiator of exclusive and successful partnerships with top legal and global agencies, government entities like the DED and UAE free zones

An employee-first leader, Rather has put into place comprehensive open-door policies, and fostered a collaborative and inclusive work environment. His unique leadership style is enhanced with his dedication to incorporating innovation in business practices, adapting to industry development and adjusting for change.

The Visionary Who Started It All

At the helm of Shuraa Management & Consultancy is Saeed Khalifa Mohammed al Fuqaei, founder and CEO of the Shuraa Group. A futuristic visionary, he foresaw the need for assistance for foreign expats seeking to establish their business presence in the UAE decades earlier. Hence, Shuraa came around in 2001 starting as a typing center. Over the years, as business requirements evolved, Shuraa kept adding to its services roster under the guidance and insight of Khalifa.

Today Shuraa is an industry leader for a multitude of corporate services and under the aegis of Khalifa has opened undiscovered pathways for ambitious entrepreneurs across the world. Not only that, but his acute business acumen has also helped propel the company to invest in a diverse range of industries including and not limited to UAE company formation, wealth management, international education, financial services, real estate, company auditing, AML and compliance and more.

Working Towards Collective Excellence

With such exceptional leaders at the forefront, Shuraa Management and Consultancy is seeking to race ahead of traditional norms and establish ground-breaking achievements that set it apart from its competitors.

Original Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-network/exceptional-leadership-driving-shuraa-management-and-consultancy-to-new-zeniths

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