Consider the facts before registering a company in Dubai

Consider the facts before registering a company in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai is one of the major magnetism of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a commercially independent city just like Singapore and Honk-Kong. Dubai collaborates the global market, creating avenues for startups and offering easy company formation procedures.

However, before registering a company in Dubai it is important to consider some fact that are comparatively different from the world.

Check out the important facts before registering a company in Dubai:

Business License

UAE is firm in terms of business licensing and procedures related to company registration in Dubai. Dubai categorically marks every company under commercial, professional, tourism and industrial license. There are also certain permission and certification you will have to comply before registering your company in Dubai.

Commercial Banking

To open and manage a current account is quite simple and most of the banks in Dubai offer specialised services. Nonetheless, to avoid unnecessary costs check the bank details, the bank charges and the minimum balance requirement for your account. A company formation consultant in Dubai can lead you to choose the right bank.

Office Space

Flexi-desk, small executive offices, warehouses, lands, plots and industrial setups – a commercial space is a must to register a business in Dubai. The city offers it all, but make sure you have rented the property you require beforehand. There are mainly three important things to consider while renting a commercial space in Dubai i.e.

  1. The availability of the property is a subjected to the deemed zone.
  2. For registering the company, it is a prerequisite to attest the rented documents and the Ejari.
  3. Having the office space beforehand also will make it clear on the type of registration you would like to apply.

Number of Employees

Before initiating your company registration in Dubai, give a special consideration to the ‘number’ of employees your willing to appoint in the preliminary stage itself. Companies are allowed to appoint employees depending on the company type and office space.

Firsthand Information

Consider to get first hand information by getting into the market, speaking to businessmen or consulting a company formation consultant in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development, governmental organisations and other related judicial institutes also provide firsthand information.

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