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Obtaining a freelancer license in Dubai Free Zone

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The UAE provides various opportunities for expats to thrive in the economy. This not only includes the possibility of setting up a company, which in itself comes with various benefits, but it also includes the option to work as a freelancer by obtaining a freelance license in Dubai Free Zone.

With the world diving into digitization, it comes as no surprise that individuals want to choose freelancing as the preferred option. In addition, it also gives the option to work from the comfort of your home or the location you prefer with flexibility and without the hassle of daily commute.

Not to mention, Dubai in particular has become a focal point for freelancers, hosting over 65% of freelancers in the region. If freelancing is something that peaks your interest and you want to learn more, continue reading.

Why you need a freelancer permit

Freelancing in the UAE was officially legalised in 2018. Freelancers now have the opportunity to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai free zone for themselves as well as sponsor their family. In addition, if the individual is already sponsored by a parent or spouse, they are not required to cancel their visa and apply for a new one.

To begin with, freelancers based in the UAE are required to obtain a residence visa and have a valid work permit. In order to work as a freelancer in the region, it is mandatory to apply for a freelancer permit. This license enables individuals to be self-employed and work without being tied to a single company on a long-term basis.

Freelance permits are usually issued for the following industries:

  • Education
  • Media
  • IT services

Benefits of obtaining a freelancer license in DAFZ

  • Fee for freelance license in Dubai free zone is waived off for two years
  • Residency visa valid for three years in Dubai
  • Minimal costs 
  • Flexible timings and schedule
  • Access to world-class media and entertainment companies
  • Ability to sponsor dependants
  • Independence in the economic world
  • Work in the UAE without having to be physically present

An added advantage of becoming a freelancer in the UAE is that you can obtain your permit even if you are currently an employee of a company. However, you will be required to acquire a no-objection certificate (NOC) from your current employer.

Obtaining freelancer license in Dubai Airport free zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) has recently signed an agreement with Dubai Culture and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to enable a new initiative.

This initiative involves providing licence to individuals with special skills and expertise from around the globe. Moreover, the aim of it is to provide opportunities to talents and professionals in the field of media, technology, education, art, consultancy, and marketing.

This license is also referred to as ‘talent pass’. This talent pass not only qualifies its holder to obtain a residence visa for three years but also enables them to rent an office in DAFZ. 

They will also have access to the free zone’s digital platform that allows them to contact customers for easier access to work, contracts, and services – providing them the opportunity to expand their customer prospects.

Steps to obtain a freelancer permit

The process of obtaining your freelance license in Dubai free zone and other emirates is seamless. However, if you are currently employed, you will have to complete one additional step. That is, obtaining an NOC from your current employer, the rest of the procedure is the same for all individuals. These include:

1. Obtaining an NOC from the current employer (only for already employed individuals)

2. Submission of documents including:

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Emirates ID (only if applicable)
  • Photograph
  • Experience Letter
  • Degree / Diploma
  • CV

3. Submission of application letter

Once your application is approved you will need to make the payment and receive your freelance permit. The duration of the process of obtaining your freelance license takes approximately five to seven days.

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Get your freelancer permit with Shuraa

Obtain your free zone freelance license now with Shuraa Business Setup – One of the leading providers of company formation solutions and beyond. 

Shuraa will help you guide you and ensure that the entire process of obtaining your license runs smoothly. Shuraa has been one of the leading business setup companies in the UAE for over 20 years. Furthermore, our goal is to help entrepreneurs build a foundation in the UAE’s thriving economy, from start to finish.

Our expert consultants will help you through the entire process — from enlightening you regarding everything you need to know, helping you understand freelance license in Dubai costs, to completing the documentation process for you.

To get in touch with our expert business consultants, call us on +97144081900. Send a WhatsApp message for a chat query on +971507775554. You can also email us at [email protected].

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