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Low-cost Business Setup in UAE

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Low-cost Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai offers a distinctive blend of advantages conducive to the success of businesses, irrespective of their size or scale. Its strategic location facilitates Indian entrepreneurs in expanding their enterprises globally while benefiting from a low cost business setup in Dubai. Furthermore, the high living standards make it an attractive local market for investors. By employing proper strategies and seeking guidance from Dubai business experts, significant cost savings can be achieved during company registration. 

Various factors such as location, trade name, rental space, local sponsors, business activities, and other considerations play crucial roles in the company registration process in the UAE. A low cost business in Dubai is attainable with a comprehensive understanding of the operational system. The choice between establishing a company in a free zone or on the mainland is also pivotal. Free zones in the UAE have their jurisdictions governing businesses, and making the proper selection can result in substantial cost savings.

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Guide to Achieving a Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai

The following are the points for a Low-cost business setup in Dubai:
By following these strategic steps, Indian investors and expatriates can optimise their approach to establishing a low-cost business setup in Dubai.

Mainland vs Free Zone

The differences between the Mainland and the Free Zone are as follows:

How to Start Your Company in Dubai with 4 Simple Stages

The following are the points for a Low-cost business setup in Dubai:

How Much Does It Cost to start a Business in Dubai?

A low-cost business license in Dubai costs AED 12,500* for a budget-friendly license. This includes an LLC trade license, three business activities, and a lease agreement. Note that this package doesn't have any visa allocations. If you need a single visa allocation, the next package is available at AED 13,500*.

Experience Affordable Business Setup in UAE!

Don't let high business costs stifle your dreams. At Shuraa, we understand the value of your investment and ensure every penny is strategically spent. Our tailored business packages provide exclusive cost-effective solutions from the outset, offering you room to breathe. With a nominal upfront fees model, it's the perfect choice for startups, branch offices, or limited liability companies. Book a free consultation with Shuraa Business Setup experts to delve into the world of low-cost company setup in Dubai.
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