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How to Get Free Zone License in Dubai, UAE

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Investors looking to establish themselves in the UAE can do so by getting a free zone license in Dubai. There are over 40 free zones in the Emirates with Dubai holding the highest number. Every free zone is designed for specific business activities and offers numerous benefits like single-window administration and 100% ownership of business. In fact, UAE free zones have a foreign direct investment of over 200,000 companies and climbing.

A free zone license in Dubai allows for ease of doing business within and out of the UAE, secure banking services, extensive government support, an unparalleled global infrastructure, strategic access to the MENA region and more. Although each free zone caters to different zones of interest, has a wide range of company formation costs, paperwork requirements etc., they still share the same basic requirements. There is surely no better city for any entrepreneur seeking their global business expansion.

How to Obtain a Free Zone License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai has some of the most advanced free zone structures in the entire world. Some of the most popular free zones are International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), which are suitable for Small & Medium Enterprises. Then, there are specific free zones like Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) which holds the largest port in the region making it an ideal choice for companies looking into international trade.

Investors can get their Dubai free zone license at an affordable cost if they go through the following process:

1. Choose your preferred business structure 

Dubai offers an extensive list of business activities to choose from. Additionally, free zone companies can select multiple activities under one license. Consequently, the free zone license cost in Dubai is dependent on the number of commercial activities you choose.  

2. Finalise your trade name 

The UAE has certain regulations when it comes to naming one’s company. Namely, businesses cannot opt for names that are offensive, have religious references, or refer to publicly renowned organisations. It is ideal to enlist the services of trusted company formation firms to ensure proper legal compliance. 

3. Application & submission of documents 

Business setup in Dubai free zones is smooth and hassle-free. Most free zones have standard document requirements such as duly filled application form, passport copies of the shareholder, contact information, etc. However, occasionally, some free zones may also require you to submit a business plan. To ensure that your documentation goes through without any delays or errors, you can handover your paperwork to company formation specialists like Shuraa.  

4. License notification & corporate account formation 

Once the pre-approval goes through, the final steps are to register your business and get your Dubai free zone license. With your corporate documents and license, companies can then open their corporate bank accounts and start their business operations. You will also get your UAE residency visa issued by the free zone where you set up your company. 

Benefits of Dubai Free Zone License

There are undoubtedly numerous benefits to establishing your business base in the UAE. A Dubai free zone license is cost-friendly and offers investors with additional advantages like:  

  • 100% foreign ownership of business 
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits 
  • Exemption from taxes of any kind with limitations 
  • Free transfer of funds; no foreign exchange controls  
  • Flexi-office space option available 
  • Exemption from import/export charges 
  • Easy start-up and licensing procedure 
  • Access to unique industry clustering as well as purpose-built infrastructure 
  • Liberal government policies and legal framework 
  • Easy and hassle-free sponsorship and visa process 

Types of free zone license in Dubai 

Investors can opt for a variety of free zone licenses in Dubai and choose whichever type suits their company the best: 

  • General trading license: This license allows investors to trade in all kinds of products 
  • Trading/commercial license: This type of license allows for industrial, commercial or consulting activities for a limited period of authorization 
  • Services license: Essential for law firms, accounting firms, and business consultancies to operate 
  • Manufacturing license: Required for companies to manufacture products 
  • Warehouse license: allows companies to avail warehouse facilities on lease for distribution, storage and packaging of goods 
  • Industrial license: This license type allows importing of raw materials, goods manufacturing, and export of finished products, across the world

Additionally, you can also opt for a freelancer license and finally achieve that balanced life where you work as per your schedule. Several free zones across the emirate offer freelance licenses at amazingly affordable costs that allow professionals to conduct a wide range of business activities as individual entities. Free zones also provide flexi-desk services for freelancers to establish their own workspace as per their flexibility and convenience.  

Get your Dubai free zone license at an affordable cost

There are untold business opportunities waiting in Dubai, the city of the future. The emirate offers rapid development, strategic locational access and a highly secure business environment to its people. Not only that, UAE expats also benefit from a liberal tax system, an innovative infrastructure, top-notch technology, and an experienced workforce.

Shuraa Business Setup has formed strategic partnerships with some of Dubai’s leading free zones. When you partner with us, a Dubai free zone license will cost you as low as AED 17,900* only. Book a free consultation with our free zone experts today and get added benefits like free tax and VAT consultancy, added discount on long-term license, and a dedicated account manager.

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