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Many people who desire to launch a business in the UAE are unclear about what the term “flexi desk” entails. Flexi desk is the common name for a shared office in the UAE, which is required to be given to any company upon registration.

Flexi-desk in Dubai consists of a desk and chair setup, and the service is offered to businesses with free zone registrations.

Hot desk, flexi office, smart desk, and business centre desk are some more names for a flexi desk. Any business that registers in the UAE must have a desk of this kind, at the very least.

Can a business be started without a flexible desk?

It is required to have a flexi desk in the UAE because it is impossible to launch a business there without having access to some sort of physical space.

Flexi desk requirements will not apply if you choose to rent an executive office, thus you are not required to do so. The office will satisfy your company’s need for a physical location.

Some free zones, like SHAMS, can register your company without requiring a flexi desk. However, in this situation, your business will not qualify for a UAE residency visa and can experience difficulties opening a bank account. Every bank demands that every firm have a “tangible” location from which it operates.

One can use Flexi desk to register Mainland companies. Nowadays, a Mainland corporation can register as a business using a flexi desk rather than the earlier need that they lease an executive office. You can rent it from Shuraa business centres in Dubai.

How do I utilize a flexi desk?

Each free zone establishes its own guidelines for using desks. For instance, the DMCC Flexi Desk may be used for a few hours each week.

One of the rare zones where the workstations are used is the DWC free zone, which created a highly convenient business centre. The number of hours is similarly limited; however, it can be increased.

The Ajman Free Zone has no time restrictions. Each desk belongs to a certain business and is available for use every day during business hours. At the same time, the majority of desks are vacant since business owners would rather work from home or a coworking space in Dubai than travel to Ajman.

There are no usage restrictions on desks in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone either. There is space for everyone in the zone’s 8 buildings with flex desk facilities.

Do You Need a Flexi Desk?

Although it is not the sole choice for start-up businesses in the UAE, a Flexi desk space can help entrepreneurs cross off several important boxes. The addition of ancillary services like phones, internet access, and reception areas comes with choosing a Flexi desk office space.

The requirement for a physical presence is a common barrier for new enterprises. There is no getting around this requirement if you want to start a mainland firm because a mainland company needs to have a real workspace. You can start in one of the free zones in the UAE to avoid this problem.

However, businesses without a physical presence are unable to apply directly for a UAE residence visa and may encounter difficulties opening an account with a bank.

In most circumstances, having a physical presence makes conducting a business in the UAE much simpler.  Flexi desk arrangements are a flexible, affordable alternative for companies of all sizes.

Your company would profit from having a Flexi desk in Dubai if-

  • The business needs a first physical address because it is new to the UAE.
  • Owners and employees require a furnished base with the necessities for an office.
  • You are looking for a prominent location where there is a high need for more long-term office space.
  • In a coworking environment with like-minded people, workers flourish.
  • Your company needs a physical address outside of the area in which you intend to operate.

Best Use of Your Flexi Desk Space

Flexi desks are appropriate for many types of organisations due to their nature. As an illustration, some businesses decide to use their desk space only for location, the usage of meeting spaces, and mail handling.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the leasing conditions for the Flexi desk space you ultimately select. This is because there may be restrictions on leaseholders’ ability to access the facilities during certain hours.

A business owner who wants to work flexibly in the UAE should think about:

  • What frequency and duration do they need a Flexi desk for?
  • The possibility that you will need conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other facilities
  • Whether you only need a place to work or would also like to benefit from networking events, business assistance, think tanks, and other options.

Important factor for Flexible Office Space

The location and amenities that your coworking space can offer should be taken into account for reasonable price. Obviously, the cost of each Flexi desk will vary depending on the benefits it offers to businesses.


Compared to their worldwide rivals, Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer less expensive office space. This indicates that these neighbourhood business hubs are a big attraction for residents of the UAE. Both emirates are less expensive than Beijing, New York, and London.

However, both corporate centres are considered to be premium locations in the UAE, and as such, their prices will reflect this.

Flexi desk spaces in these business complexes might not always be the most affordable choice. However, the accessibility of talent and independent contractors, networking opportunities, and broad support can result in a phenomenal return on investment.


Flexi desks in Dubai can be a low-cost business solution if working from home is not an option for you as an entrepreneur.

Costs may vary depending on the size, accessibility, and reputation of extra facilities. For instance, there are plenty of opulent meeting spaces where any business owner may host their ideal customer. However, this fame can obviously have a cost.

Internet speed, security, and reception services may all affect your choice of Flexi desk address. Fortunately, co-working spaces typically offer greater value than looking for these amenities separately because of their collaborative character.


For every new business, office space, especially Flexi desks, is a crucial factor, but it is not the only one. Over 60,000 founders from all around the world have worked with Shuraa to build successful businesses all over the emirates.

We would be happy to extend the same courtesy to you. Therefore, get in touch with us right away to start the process if you are thinking about launching a new business in Abu Dhabi or need local knowledge about workplaces in Dubai.

Experts from Shuraa are always on hand to help you with your flexi desk and office space needs while ensuring a smooth transition. You can reach us by phone at +971 44081900, via WhatsApp at +971 507775554, or by email at [email protected].

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