How to Start Vending Machine Business in Dubai, UAE | 2022

Starting a vending machine business in Dubai

start vending machine business in Dubai

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Starting a vending machine business in Dubai

start vending machine business in Dubai
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There are several reasons why a vending machine license in Dubai appeals to prospective company entrepreneurs. Given that they are almost ubiquitous and can be used for a wide variety of items, there are numerous advantages to the vending sector for those who want to launch their own business.

Both aspiring business owners and seasoned professionals find the vending machine sector to be an appealing alternative. Running a vending machine business is very adaptable, in addition to being quite profitable. This business concept is gaining popularity since it has minimal start-up expenses, low participation costs, minimal risk, scalability, and growth potential.

So if you are an entrepreneur looking to obtain a vending machine license in Dubai, continue reading. This blog will walk you through all there is to know about a vending machine license in Dubai – documentation, process, costs, and benefits.

Process to obtain a vending machine license in Dubai

One of the prime advantages of setting up any business in Dubai is the simple process. However, you must have adequate knowledge about the process to avoid mishaps or delays. The following is a general overview of the process for starting a vending machine business in Dubai:

Documents required

You cannot start any business in the UAE without presenting relevant documents to the concerned authorities. Although the documents vary from activity to activity, some documents are common to all business setups. Following are some general documents that you must submit irrespective of your choice of activity:

  • Passport copies
  • Passport-size photos
  • Entry visa or stamp page

You will also need to submit a few additional certifications and supporting documents in addition to these. Shuraa Business Setup can give you a comprehensive overview of the UAE’s vending machine license criteria with the extensive list of documents necessary to obtain a vending machine permit in Dubai.

Vending machine business costs

Several factors determine the total vending machine license cost. These include the rent for the ground, visa applications, or any additional permits you may require to start a vending machine business in the UAE. Thus, providing an exact cost is difficult. However, to give you an idea, a vending machine license in Dubai can cost approximately AED 23,000*.

How to start a vending machine business in Dubai, UAE

Step 1. Research the Market

Consider your specialty before launching a vending machine business in the UAE. Typically, this entails considering the following things:

  • What items do you want to stock – something that can easily be found or a rare product?
  • Do you have a specified market?
  • Is there an insufficient demand?
  • If you are planning to stock a rare product, where will you stock it from?

Focus on specific items rather than considering a broad range. Find out what items the area you plan to establish a vending machine needs the most. Research and see what your competitors are stocking. Find out if it is working well for them. Although this step may take some time, it is crucial, and you cannot skip it.

Step 2. Choose Your Trade Name

Dubai outlines precise rules for naming a company. Simply put, you must refrain from using vulgar or unpleasant words. Avoid abbreviations and well-known corporate names. Additionally, make sure that your desired name is accessible for registration.

These are just some of the many rules. Furthermore, some naming rules only apply to specific industries. Thus make sure your business name is authentic and valid.

Step 3. Choose a Location

A key element in creating money from your vending machine business is where you decide to put that equipment. For instance, an expensive food and drink vending machine could struggle in a mall with plenty of eateries, but it might succeed in an office park. There are ample location choices – airports, hospitals, business hubs, educational institutions, etc.

Consider the locations where you have personally purchased items from a machine and the hours when customers are most likely to buy snacks, beverages, and other goods. And ten make a decision.

Step 4. Select Your Vending Machine

Choosing a suitable vending machine is central to the growth and expansion of your vending machine business. There are different types of vending machines available in the market. Some machines are specifically designed for food and beverages, while some are designed to sell bulks. Similarly, there are machines for frozen goods, ice cream, laundry goods, and more. Depending on the item and your location, choose your vending machine.

Step 5. Apply for a License

After deciding on the items you want to stock and where to place your vending machine, it’s time to apply for a license. For a vending machine license in Dubai, you will need to apply for a commercial license to the concerned authorities with all the relevant documents.

Step 6. Submit Your Visa Application

Once the authorities issue your vending machine license, you apply for a visa. It’s non-negotiable if you want to live and work in the UAE. You can also bring your dependents like your spouse, children, and helping staff.

Benefits of starting a vending machine business

There are several benefits of starting a vending machine company in Dubai. The following are some of them:

  • Vending machines technically work 24/7. This is a chance to earn money even while you are sleeping.
  • You do not need to advertise a vending machine. It will promote itself if placed in a strategic location.
  • You will profit from the Emirate’s 0% corporate and personal income tax rate.
  • Given Dubai’s strategic location, you can easily import items from the rest of the world.
  • There is minimal bureaucracy or intervention from the government with negligible market barriers.
  • The need for hiring employees is minimal.
  • Hassle-free financial reporting due to the installed payment system in the vending machines.
  • The rent for space needed by a vending machine is far less than the rent for a small shop.
  • Minimal capital requirements for setting up the business.
  • Minimal risk with higher scalability.

Get your vending machine license with Shuraa

Although starting a vending machine business in the UAE sounds relatively straightforward, it is wise to take assistance from a business consultancy to avoid mishappenings with the documents, process, or permits.

Shuraa Business Setup is renowned for its top-notch, client-centric services. Our professionals are well-versed in the business setup process in Dubai. They will help you with the extensive list of documents you will need to submit to the concerned authorities.

Furthermore, they will ensure that your documents are in the correct order and valid. Our experts will also assist you in getting additional permits if necessary. All you need to do is give us a call on +97144081900 or send us a WhatsApp message on +971507775554. You can also drop an email at [email protected] and get answers to all your queries.

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