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Undertaking a business journey in Dubai? Consider the potential of a partner visa, offering not just a 3-year residence but also the valuable perks of family sponsorship, more accessible GCC travel, and the prospect of attaining the esteemed UAE Golden Visa. However, before taking the plunge, it’s crucial to comprehend the prerequisites – typically involving a minimum investment of AED 1 million in a UAE-based company. At Shuraa Business Setup, our blog is designed to be your comprehensive guide, walking you through the eligibility criteria, costs, and the application process for securing a partner visa in Dubai.

It’s common for the roles of partner and investor visas in the UAE to be misconstrued due to their shared function in facilitating business operations and residency. This blog aims to untangle the confusion by highlighting their distinct features and eligibility criteria. Join us as we delve into the opportunities and intricacies, providing valuable insights to ensure a successful business venture in Dubai. Keep reading for a roadmap to navigate the dynamic business landscape of one of the world’s most vibrant economic hubs!

What is a Partner Visa?

A partner visa in UAE is a specialised residency permit crafted for individuals who partner with a company based in the UAE. Specifically designed for those with a substantial stake or share in a business operating within the country, this visa grants partners the ability to actively participate in the management and day-to-day operations of the company.

Typically, the key is intricately linked to their role and shareholding in the business, providing a legal means for them to reside in the UAE. Additionally, partner visa holders often have the privilege of sponsoring their immediate family members for residency.

What is an Investor Visa?

In contrast, an investor visa is granted to individuals who make a significant financial investment in the UAE. This may encompass investments in business ventures, startups, or real estate within the country. Unlike the partner visa, the investor visa is not inherently linked to active participation in a business’s day-to-day operations. It is designed for individuals who contribute to the UAE’s economy through substantial capital investments.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Partner Visa in Dubai?

To be eligible for a partner visa in the UAE, applicants must fulfil specific requirements, which classically include the following:

1. Business Ownership/Partnership Agreement:

This includes holding an important share or stake in a UAE-based company and providing validation of a partnership agreement or company registration documents.

2. Minimum Investment:

The minimum investment beginning varies depending on the emirate and the nature of the business.

3. Valid Passport:

Applicants must possess a valid passport with sufficient outstanding validity.

5. Medical Fitness Test:

Successfully passing a medical fitness test managed by UAE health authorities is authoritative.

6. Emirates ID Registration:

All residents of the UAE are mandated to undergo Emirates ID registration.

Application Process for A UAE Partner Visa

Getting a partner visa in the UAE initiates an accurately structured journey, demanding careful planning and detailed performance, as it entails various essential steps and thorough documentation.

1. Obtain Trade License and MOA

Get a valid trade license for your business and ensure that the Memorandum of Association (MOA) includes your name as a partner.

2. Apply for an Immigration Establishment Card:

Your company must get an Immigration Establishment Card from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

3. Medical Fitness Test and Health Insurance:

  • Undergo a medical fitness test and obtain health insurance upon arrival in the UAE.
  • Prerequisites for a residency visa.

4. Emirates ID Registration:

Apply for an Emirates ID at an ICA service centre.

Processing Time of a Partner Visa in Dubai

The processing time for a partner visa in UAE typically spans from a few days to a couple of weeks upon submission of all required documents and completion of necessary procedures, such as the medical fitness test. Variability in processing time is influenced by factors such as the chosen emirate, the accuracy and completeness of the submitted documents, and the current workload of immigration authorities during the application period.

Benefits of Dubai Partner Visa

Acquiring a partner visa in Dubai and the UAE brings forth many benefits, enriching your lifestyle, professional experience, and regional investment prospects. These advantages are tailored to each investor visa category and encompass:

Ability to Sponsor Immediate Family Members

Holders of partner visas can sponsor visas for their spouses, children, and, in some instances, parents, fostering a closer family connection during their stay in the UAE.

Easier Travel to GCC Countries:

Benefit from streamlined travel to GCC countries, fostering increased networking opportunities, business collaborations, and a deeper understanding of regional markets.

Possibility of Obtaining the UAE Golden Visa:

The Golden Visa is only valid for a maximum of 10 years, and the requirement is simply a fixed investment of 2 million in either bank deposits or property valued at 2 million.

Access to UAE Services:

Residing in the UAE with a partner visa provides access to various government and private services, including healthcare, education, and property rental or purchase.

Partner Visa Cost in Dubai 2024

Understanding the expenses related to each visa category and potential additional fees during the application process is crucial. Although the visa costs start from AED 4000*, supplementary charges include medical fitness tests, health insurance, Emirates ID, and establishment card expenses. Additionally, document translation fees and fees associated with legal advice may apply. Stay informed about the comprehensive cost structure to clearly understand the financial aspects of obtaining a partner visa.

Wrapping up!

In summary, acquiring a partner visa in Dubai involves a well-defined and organised process, accompanied by distinct requirements and associated costs. A clear comprehension of the eligibility criteria is essential for a seamless application experience. The substantial benefits of obtaining a partner visa in Dubai encompass the chance for partners to reside, work, and relish the dynamic lifestyle of this vibrant city collectively. For business setup in Dubai, you can contact Shuraa by phone at +971 4 4081900, via WhatsApp at +971 50 7775554, or by emailing [email protected].

Partner Visa FAQs

Q1. How long is the validity of the Partner visa?

The validity of Partner visas in the UAE typically spans two years, with the option for renewal after this initial period.

Q2. How much does a partner visa cost in Dubai?

A Partner visa costs AED 4000*, with a renewal fee of AED 1750*. A 2-year Partner visa costs vary based on the documentation and procedures chosen. For instance, a property investor visa starts from AED 12,000*.

Q3. What is the difference between an Investor Visa and a Partner Visa in Dubai?

The UAE typically grants an investor visa to individuals who make substantial financial investments without directly involving themselves in daily operations. Conversely, the issuance of a partner visa is for individuals actively managing a UAE-based company with a significant stake.

Q4. What are the requirements for sponsoring family members?

To sponsor family members, a partner visa holder must provide valid identification documents, proof of income, a marriage certificate (for the spouse), and birth certificates (for children). Additionally, they must meet the government-specified minimum monthly income requirement.

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