The impact of FIFA on UAE’s economy

The city of Dubai is all set to gain rewards as the Qatar, FIFA World Cup kicks in by November 2022. With approximately 5 million visitors tuning into the tournament, it is the perfect opportunity for UAE to show the world how great a destination it is for tourists, investors and businesses looking to invest in the country.

With a huge global audience lining up in November, UAE will promote its exposure even further by promoting how forward-thinking and steadfast it is towards future growth. The World Cup is an opportunity not only for UAE but the whole of GCC to promote itself globally.

FIFA – A catalyst of Dubai’s tourism growth

UAE is making tremendous efforts by diversifying its economy away from oil. Tourism has grown into a very big part of the country’s future. The emirate of Dubai ranks highest in foreign investment in tourism with $1.7 billion coming into the country in 2021.

At the end of 2021, Dubai announced its collaboration with the Dubai Economy and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Together will achieve the goal of 25 million tourists to the city by the end of 2025. The government will assist them with its world leading hospitality sector, luxurious array of hotels, real estate, transportation and more.

Tourists attending the World Cup in Qatar, might only be able to obtain tickets for one game. Hence many will consider longer trips in the area with travel based around the games they can attend.

The World Cup has created an air of optimism in the travel sector. This means it will witness a major upswing in hotel bookings across the UAE from November onwards. They expect near full occupancy during the World Cup with bookings of 50-100 people at a time being made by football fans.

Economic Opportunities for businesses in Dubai

The emirate of Dubai has developed to be a world leader in tourism. With economic recovery coming speedily in the past year, businesses are eagerly anticipating the myriad opportunities as the World Cup approaches.

Qatar Airways has signed deals with Flydubai, Saudia, Kuwait Airlines, and Oman Air to make sure that regular flights shuttle ticketholders back and forth from Doha. With Flydubai and Air Arabia offering 45 shuttle flights daily, it’s clear that they will support tourism in the region, with Dubai as a key hub for that travel.

In addition to diversifying the economy, UAE aims to attract foreign direct investment as well. The gains aren’t just for air service companies and hotel chains; this influx of visitors to UAE will also offer significant boosts to small-and medium-sized businesses – whether B2C or B2B.

Impact of tourist influx in UAE

Real Estate owners in UAE are turning their homes to short-term rentals instead of annual leases for fans attending the Qatar FIFA World Cup. As per the media resources, 2022 has been the second consecutive year that Dubai will see a demand for short-stay units. Last year’s surge was due to Expo 2020 Dubai.

The number of tourists estimated to arrive in UAE are going to increase by hundreds of thousands extra this year. Therefore, app usage is going to spike. Talabat, Careem, Uber, Groupon, Cobone, The Entertainer and the government supported Wojhati platform are highly popular in terms of ordering food, taxis, and travel throughout Dubai. This calls for companies operating them will need added resources available to make their app experiences smooth and consistent.

A Dubai-based project management firm Yasa unveiled an exclusive package for those attending the tournament while using UAE as a base. In association with a private aviation brand Jetex, visitors will stay at five-star hotels in Dubai and travel to Qatar for matches. This bespoke package is inclusive of a limousine ride, a private plane or chartered flights between Dubai – Doha and luxury accommodation.

On the other hand, within the budget travel options are available for those who may not wish to stretch for limousines and private jets.

The digital marketing business goal will be to help boost the brand images of their customers. Now is the perfect time to endorse brands and capitalize on the increased viewers around Qatar and Dubai. It is a chance to maximize the effectiveness of all forms of publicity and integrating campaigns.

It may be tough to gauge the precise economic impact the FIFA World Cup will have on the country; one thing is certain. The event will offer a boost for a broad range of travel, tourism, hospitality brands, aviation sectors, businesses, food industry or any ancillary industry that benefits from foreign visitors.

Qatar may be hosting the world for the FIFA World Cup; UAE might as well get ready to host the world for some profitable business and travel experience.

Come for the experience stay for the lifestyle!

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