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11 Online Business Ideas in the UAE

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The UAE has one of the world’s most highly developed online commerce industries, plus the most active market in the Middle East and the largest among GCC countries. With the country expecting to see major boosts in the average trade volume for the past three years, UAE has the potential to reach an annual growth of 23% by 2022. Continue reading to know more about 11 online business ideas in Dubai, UAE.

Keeping in mind the latest trends in commerce and trade, there are numerous online business ideas in Dubai, UAE that investors & entrepreneurs can indulge in. There are few places that are more popular to settle in than Dubai. The ideal location of the emirate connects it to pretty much all the major markets of the world. Dubai also has zero personal taxes, select free zones offering custom tax exemptions, zero currency restrictions, and many more benefits. 

So, if you are looking to form your roots in Dubai, here are some simple online business ideas in UAE that can go with.

11 Online business ideas in Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the fast growing economies in the world. As a comparatively young nation of just 51, UAE has already brought into practice several ideologies that seek to create a cohesive ecosystem of entrepreneurs. UAE is set to position itself as a knowledge-driven economy as opposed to a hydrocarbon-driven one. Therefore, now is the time to tap into the diverse & sustainable UAE economy with these handy online business ideas.

1. Freelancing services 

Freelancers benefit from choosing & managing their own projects. Not only that, but they also earn a handsome income too. Professionals need to carry a freelancer license in Dubai to successfully operate their services in the UAE.

2. Online business consultancy

Opening a business consultancy is a lucrative online business idea in UAE that does not require a huge investment. The only things you need are your expertise and your contacts. Open your consultancy services in either UAE Mainland or free zone as per your preference. Professionals will need to obtain a service license to form their business consultancy firm in the UAE.  

3. Online translation business in Dubai

Over 90% of Dubai’s population consists of foreign expats from all over the world. Not only that, there are thousands of businesses that are owned by foreign corporations. For such businesses to run successfully, translation services are an essential part of their operational needs. Which is why professional document translation and other translation services are often an underestimated online business idea in Dubai.  

4. Social media specialist

In the digital era, all business entities seek to build an intriguing social media presence for themselves. Whether they are individuals or companies, everyone has their own social media handles to build and maintain. A social media specialist plays a diverse role in improving sales, generating leads, optimising as campaigns, content creation, and social media management. 

5. Digital marketing agency

The digital market in Dubai has seen an upsurge since the advent of Covid. Website development, online marketing, web design, content creation are again in demand services for even small and medium businesses. Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most aggressively growing business in the UAE today, which requires minimum start-up capital. 

6. IT services

Dubai is actively working towards becoming a smart city as part of the Smart Dubai 2021 campaign. The city has wholeheartedly embraced the future of technology and is now Ground Zero for numerous tech-startups and technology-based businesses. Dubai also has established special free zones like Dubai Internet City (DIC) & Dubai Media City (DMC) to boost the IT sector in the emirate.  

7. Book-keeping & accounting

Given the sheer volume of business opportunities in Dubai, it is inevitable that there will be a demand for financial services like accounting, auditing & book-keeping. This is a highly beneficial online business idea for professionals starting out in the UAE. Since the implementation of VAT and corporate tax, these services will be even more popular among all business types. 

8. Graphic design & video editing

Social media platforms are the future of modern business. Design is now a serious area of commerce and companies are striving to establish their brand in the market. Therefore, graphic designers & video editors are in constant demand to create aesthetic content for a wide client base. Furthermore, other benefits include flexible working hours, choice of projects, varied application across different industries and more. 

9. HR & recruitment

Dubai is an investor-friendly haven with entrepreneurs from the globe setting their businesses here. Accordingly, they will also require talented professionals to contribute to the work force. HR & recruitment agencies can be operated as online service providers and act as mediums between companies and jobseekers alike.  

10. Online skill based businesses ideas in UAE

Are you a professional who has built their expertise among varied services? Do you have a knack with your hands, then a handyman services provider will prove to be a lucrative online business idea in Dubai, UAE. 

11. Online education Business 

To make education accessible to all, the best way is to take it online. Online tutoring has been picking up since the pandemic. However, one of the easiest ways to start your online business, you need to be armed with just your skills and subject matter knowledge. To start your online teaching career, you simply need a professional license from the Dubai Economic Department (DED) which can be left up to trusted business setup consultants like Shuraa.

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Make your Dubai online business ideas come to life!

Shuraa Business Setup offers end-to-end assistance in making your online business dream a reality. Therefore, from acquiring your professional license, managing visas, procuring office space, we do it all. Additionally, Dubai is currently one of the most popular destinations to settle in. The emirate offers an exceptional lifestyle, a futuristic infrastructure & great networking opportunities. Furthermore, entrepreneurs setting up their business in the UAE get additional benefits like free lifetime residency & 100% ownership of their business.

We are a core team of business consultants with in-depth knowledge of UAE company registration and business licensing. Investors coming into the UAE can also choose from a diverse range of company formation packages specially curated to suit your every need. Call us on +971 44081900, WhatsApp us on +971 507775554 or email us at [email protected].

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