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Benefits of setting up a LLC company in Dubai, UAE

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Setting up a Limited Liability Company in Dubai is one of the most preferred forms of shareholding structures in the country. Dubai LLC company formation does not only aid you with perks related to company location and lesser investment but also offers greater reliability and options to create business engagement with private companies as well as governmental organizations.

A Dubai LLC company formation can be done through shareholding of expatriate or expatriates along a single UAE national, several UAE nationals or even a UAE company.  A Dubai LLC company has specific activities as per classification made by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Benefits of LLC Company in UAE:

  • No Constraints On Capital Requirements
  • Invest and Get Partnership
  • Visa for Investors
  • Liberty to Rent an Office
  • No Interference and Lesser Obligations
  • Extensively Secure and Reliable

No Constraints On Capital Requirements

For a Dubai LLC company formation, there no specific minimum capital is a requirement. It is noted that the minimum capital required to form an LLC in Dubai needs to be deposited in a bank and shall be blocked for approximately 2 weeks’ time. However, under certain contracts and business possibilities there are no constraints on capital requirements.

Invest and Get Partnership

A foreign investor is not only a depositor in the company but also becomes the partner in business and is equally responsible for the major decisions of the company. In a Dubai LLC company formation, the investor becomes the partner. LLC is perhaps the only type of organizational structure available to foreign investors for trading and manufacturing concerns but the amount of credibility and market exposure given the Dubai LLC company formation is the right choice.

Visa for Investors

Being an investor under Dubai LLC company, the investor visa allows him/her to relish an investor’s status in the Emirates with certain leverages.

Liberty to Rent an Office

Under a Dubai LLC company formation, an investor has the opportunity to rent an office or even commence branch offices, if the company is formed within UAE or even in abroad.

No Interference and Lesser Obligations

There are possibilities for zero interference of the UAE partner under certain contracts. The investor can manage the business without the local partner and enjoy complete freedom in regulating the business day-to-day.

Extensively Secure and Reliable

The Dubai government, as well as the Development of Economic Department in Dubai, takes a massive effort in making sure that the security of the foreign investor is maintained. The assets and capital during the business tenure are also shaped under the name of the company and not in the name of the UAE national partner, ascertaining the reliability of the investment.

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is an extremely supportive force towards helping business entrepreneurs launch and expand their operations effectively. With a mere vision to develop the economy, the DED has created faster and hassle free avenues to start a business in Dubai. However, this can be more effective with the help of a business setup company.

Contact Shuraa Business Setup service providers in Dubai for the ultimate assistance in terms of business setup in Dubai. For more information on Dubai LLC company formation or for any other queries please feel free to write to Shuraa Business Setup or speak to our business setup consultants now

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