Why are Indian entrepreneurs moving to Dubai?

Why are Indian entrepreneurs moving to Dubai
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Why are Indian entrepreneurs moving to Dubai?
Why are Indian entrepreneurs moving to Dubai

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Shuraa Business Setup featured on Dubai Chronicles on 5 June 2018. Read the article here on simply follow the link – http://www.dubaichronicle.com/2018/06/05/why-are-indian-entrepreneurs-moving-to-dubai/

Article on Dubai Chronicles

The last edition of the Dubai SME 100 ranking affirmed that maximum entrepreneurs in Dubai are from India. Not only the SME sector but Dubai is a preferred destination among famous Indian businessmen as well! Be it opening a branch office or starting a new establishment, Indian entrepreneurs prefer Dubai.

So, what motivates Indian entrepreneurs to migrate to Dubai? Is it the country’s excellent infrastructure, ease of doing business or the quality of lifestyle? Let’s find out!

A young entrepreneur and a chartered accountant by profession, Mr. Ashish Jindal recently started a tax consultancy in Dubai with a leading business setup service provider called Shuraa Business Setup.  Ashish’s family owns a well-established tax advisory business in India. Yet, when he was considering global expansion, he found Dubai as a better option.

Ashish said, “The implementation of excise duty and value-added-tax in the UAE has created a large market for tax consultancies, and what better place than Dubai to start a business,” he stated.

He further added, “Dubai is a pathway to enter the international market. The city is strategically situated at a junction between Europe, Africa, and the Far East offering a wide client base.” He also mentioned that the cost of starting a business in Dubai is reasonable compared to the European countries.

Concludingly he said, “It just became so much easier to start my business with Shuraa Business Setup. They took care of all the legalities and procedures, while I could concentrate on my business.”

Cheryl D Souza, a consultant from Shuraa Business Setup said that Shuraa has been in the UAE market since 2001. For 17 years Shuraa has come across a wide range of businessmen from across the globe. She also noted that Dubai is not only popular destination among Indian entrepreneurs, but a lot of European and Australian expats are making their way to start a business in Dubai.

She said, “The government of Dubai showcases a supportive and permissive approach toward expat businessmen. There are several governmental welfares for expat entrepreneurs wanting to start a business.”

She also notably cited reasons that Dubai’s economic diversification, the location, the legal system and the simplified tax policies are also the contributing factors for businessmen in the world to consider Dubai, over any other country.

Well, there is no doubt that Dubai has transformed itself into a business behemoth. From a local trading community, the city has become a global destination. Not only limited to Indian companies but it is an ideal place for any enterprise in the world, wanting to capture the expanding global markets.

Dubai is a city that inspires every other city and nation to strive to reach the heady heights! Be a part of this growth, start a business in Dubai! Book a free appointment with a business setup consultant from Shuraa Business Setup. Send us an inquiry (link https://www.shuraa.com/contact-us/), you may also call us +97144081900, WhatsApp us +971507775554 or simply email your queries on [email protected].

Source: Dubai Chronicles 

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