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Dubai – the city of dreams, a place where everyone wants to make it big! The emirate is a magnet for the world’s brightest minds, a global commercial hub that offers opportunities and a friendly environment for businesses to thrive through the UAE markets. With a Dubai Free Zone Visa, entrepreneurs can tap into these business opportunities and enjoy the benefits of operating in one of the world’s most favorable business environments.

The hyper-connected city is an epicenter for trillions of dollars of business and investment into the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. Its strategic global location, combined with business-friendly policies and future-forward infrastructure, have shaped Dubai into a leading global trade, finance and e-commerce powerhouse.

UAE’s trade-friendly environment pioneered free zones in Dubai to have 100% foreign ownership, tax-free policies, budget friendly set up and renewal structures. This resulted in businesses of all sizes, from publicly listed entities to start-ups, attempting to capitalise on Dubai’s free zone’s strategic position as the gateway to economies across the globe.

But the real question is, do you want to start your business in Dubai’s free zones?

If yes, here’s a step-by-step 2024 guide.

How to get a Dubai Free Zone visa

The steps involved in applying for a free-zone visa are as follows:

Step 1: Register for E-Channel services

The first step for your free zone UAE visa application is the E-channel Registration on the government’s e-channel portal. The purpose is to subtract on the tedious paperwork and make the application procedure swift and simple. 

Registration for a free zone visa in Dubai now becomes an effortless process as the application largely takes place online. A mandatory registration fee of AED 2,500/- has to be paid to get the registration process started. Dubai Freezone visa cost varies as per the package. Additionally, an average cost is AED 3750.

Step 2: Entry permit / Employment Visa

Step 2 requires you to apply for an entry permit, also known as an employment visa. This is a temporary visa valid for a period of 60 days. Generally, an Entry permit is issued in 15 days. You can apply for a fast-track process to receive the permit in 5-7 days.

Your entry permit is an E-Document that will be emailed to you once ready. While you are permitted to leave the country during this period, it is strongly advised against it as it can cause issues with your immigration file.

Step 3: Dubai Free Zone Visa Stamping

Visa stamping is the process of activating your entry permit. To do this, you can either submit your passport for stamping to immigration in the UAE, present your visa to immigration at an airport when entering the UAE, or leaving the UAE by land and having your permit stamped upon re-entry. However, the former is by far the easiest option.

The three ways of activation are simplified below.

In-Country Process

This is the easiest option. Give your passport to the immigration department, where they will stamp and activate your employment visa. This usually takes around 3-5 days.

Out-Of-The-Country Process 

If you are outside the UAE when your employment visa is issue, you can activate the visa at the airport. Once you land in UAE, submit the employment visa to the immigration officer. Further, the officer will stamp your visa and validate it.

Border Run Process 

This process demands leaving the UAE by land, receiving an exit stamp, and then re-entering by submitting the printed employment visa to the immigration officer.

This process also works for certain country passport holders that may or may not be eligible for visa-on-arrival travel to the UAE. Border runs are also strictly advised against as it is not always guarantee to work.

Step 4: Medical and Emirates ID

For a free zone visa, you need to pass a medical and fitness test. This includes a blood test and chest X-ray.

The medical reports can be available in 3 working days. Once you have the test results, you can apply for your Emirates ID which allows you access to services in the UAE.


With a stable economy and tax-free environment, UAE has become a fantastic place to live and work in. In addition to, Dubai continues to invest billions of dollars in its world-class infrastructure, the global gateway is set to become an ever more important bridge to the world.

If you are looking for a procure free zone visa in the UAE, Shuraa Business Setup is just a call away. Finally, you can sit back and relax as we make your business setup journey a cakewalk.

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