Experience Dubai – An eye on the future

The city of Dubai thrives on architectural grandeur and buildings with bar-raising designs that compel you to stop and look twice.

Dubai offers the world a global hub for collaboration and a supportive ecosystem to innovators, start-ups and, entrepreneurs. The city’s culture of innovation, accommodating regulatory frameworks, and a favourable business climate make Dubai a hotspot for the development of emerging technologies.

The three most emphasized markers on future Dubai’s roadmap are the happiness of its people, economic growth, and the bandwidth of resources and infrastructure. Meeting these challenges will bid the world the first example of a large metropolis translated into a smart city.

While thinking about the next few decades, Dubai’s future will see a city that is highly varied, changing rapidly with global trends. Since the very beginning, Dubai has worked with plans in hand and chased goals to achieve milestones that show further direction in terms of development.

Dubai’s future lies in the emirate’s transformative story. It extends the city’s belief in future readiness and a foresight to create a community that are clustered into key areas of focus, bringing global expertise to bear on specific challenge areas.

Striving towards the future

The success of the golden city of Dubai is supported by the pillars of development. That includes a dynamic business environment, free zones areas, 100% ownership, no taxes. Not just that – most importantly the city has a strategic location between Europe and Asia. In addition to that the ease of travel arrangements and immigration enhances the future growth of robust businesses in Dubai.

The UAE doesn’t just stop there. It will launch its interplanetary mission in 2028, with the primary goal of exploring the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The spacecraft will have a long and winding journey of over 5 years as it will undertake 3.6 billion-kilometres. Its final landing will be on an asteroid, 560 million kilometres from Earth in 2033. This mission will make the Emirates, the fourth nation to land a spacecraft on an asteroid.

A leap into the future

Thomas Edison once quoted “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

It’s not just enough to only envision the future of Dubai. The future and its myriad possibilities must be demonstrated and experienced. When we think about cities of tomorrow, it is obvious that we imagine exemplary skyscrapers, levitating cars or robots. But these aren’t the key to a meaningful and sustainable life. That’s why Dubai has left futuristic visions behind and focused on what truly matters – on what makes cities efficient, healthy, user-friendly, respectful to nature and desirable as places for living.

Dubai 2030

The goals for Dubai’s Strategic Plan 2030 are created with the reference of global competitiveness indexes and benchmarks for cities. The future plan has the ease to incorporate new prospects, opportunities and changes that may arise in the coming years.

The plan will bring together a task force of 44 representatives of government and semi-government entities belonging to different economic sectors that will work as one team under the Government of Dubai. The team will set a comprehensive agenda for the emirate’s progress until 2030.

The agenda of Dubai 2030 is to position the city as a model for sustainable development. The aim is to promote growth and set higher benchmarks for the next 10 years. The country has developed a plan to closely monitoring projects and initiatives, speaks volumes about the futuristic approach of the leadership and hence the country.

Dubai 2040

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan maps out a comprehensive plan for a sustainable urban development in Dubai. It focuses on enhancing people’s happiness and quality of life and reinforcing the emirate as a global destination for citizens, residents and visitors over the next 20 years.

The massive plan has a detailed strategy, taking into consideration how to enhance the economy and transform Dubai into a global destination. Here are some of the main ideas included in Dubai 2040:

  • Dubai’s urban districts will see great development with new projects focusing on health, safety, and inclusion.
  • Resources will be utilized in an efficient manner to accomplish a green approach.
  • A total of 60% of the entire area in Dubai will be dedicated to nature reserves and natural space.

Dubai 2050

By 2050, Dubai aims to produce 75% of its energy requirements from clean sources. The strategy also aims to make Dubai a global centre of clean energy and green economy.

Dubai will be the place to explore and implement changes to the way we live. The city and country have always been a haven. In the past it was the destination for the Levantine diaspora and Iranians too – all driven from their homelands due to political conflict. Dubai then will be a choice for people globally.

The Manhattan of the Middle East in the next few decades will re-organize itself to cater to its energy, water, and construction needs in a sustainable way.

The future is looking as bright as ever in Dubai. With a plan of this magnitude, the road is paved for Dubai to cement its place as the best city on the planet.

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