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Business Setup in TECOM Free Zone, Dubai

Business Setup in TECOM Free Zone Dubai

Multiple industry-specific business communities under one free zone

Under the futuristic sight of the TECOM Investments, industry-specific business communities are formed in the various TECOM Free Zones of Dubai. The venture has been resourceful and incorporates the major number of freezone communities in the region. Dubai Internet City; Dubai Outsource Zone; Dubai Media City; Dubai Studio City; the International Media Production Zone; Dubai Knowledge Village; etc – are some of the options of Company Formation in TECOM Free Zone. With an objective to add diversity to every business portfolio the region accommodates, TECOM Free Zone Authority came into existence around 15 years ago. The basic agenda of the authority was to promote business setup in TECOM Freezone, that will foster new innovations and create growth opportunities. The goal of TECOM Freezone is to abide by the vision of Dubai – which is to interest and support the companies and entrepreneurs who will lead the innovation productivity in the future.

The TECOM Investments have redefined the meaning of company formation in Dubai Free Zone. The TECOM Investments administers the TECOM freezone to implement a series of different initiatives, that will encourage the expansion of a self-motivated entrepreneurial ecosystem across the industry-specific business communities. The industry-specific module consists of professional as well as trading business options – mainly targeting the Media, Entertainment, Education, Science, Technology and Innovations sectors. Shuraa Business Setup service providers can guide through the best freezone possibilities under the TECOM Free Zone. Our business setup consultants, provide appropriate decision-making solutions that will help you to indicate suitable business related results. With the guidance provided by Shuraa, Business Setup in TECOM Free Zone can be made convenient as we help you explore the new business modules, emphasis modernization in your business outlook and deliver tactical strategies, so that your company embarks a positon in this innovation-led business destination.

Check out the Company Formation Options in TECOM Free Zones.

Dubai Media City – DMC

Dubai Media City (DMC), an innovative hub creating business opportunities of the media and entertainment industry in the UAE as well as for the foreign media houses, is a part of the TECOM Freezone community. Dubai Media City also called as the DMC has developed as a global media hub providing substructure for regulation and a milieu for the growth of these media-related industry.

Dubai Sports City – DSC

Dubai Sports City (DSC), is an amalgamation of residential, business setups, shopping venues and most importantly the professional sports facilitating layouts and organizations. The Dubai Sports City creates a collaboration of the sports sector and the business related to it – the freezone offer world-renowned school of golf, award-winning golf course, popular Dubai International Stadium and many other such athletic attractions.

Dubai Internet City – DIC

With an aim to create a technological hub, the TECOM Investments, under the banner TECOM Freezones built the Dubai Internet City (DIC). The information technology park houses over 1700 corporates from around the world, including 500 fortune companies, small and medium enterprises and innovative business start-ups.

Dubai Outsource Zone – DOZ

The Dubai Outsource Zone (DOC), is a comprehensive solution for outsourcing companies that is developed under a freezone jurisdiction of TECOM. Dubai Outsource Zone comprises of reginal and international outsourcing companies mainly involving Business Process Outsourcing, Call Centre’s, HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing and more.

Dubai Studio City – DSC

Dubai Studio City (DSC), is another TECOM invested freezone in the region for the media industry. The Dubai Studio City houses several local and international media companies as they have the infrastructural amenities of a pre-built studio, post-production studios, editing & sound centers, stage areas, workshop areas, broadcasting centers and more.

Dubai Knowledge Village – DKV

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKP), is yet again a venture under the TECOM Freezones and the world’s solitary freezone dedicated to human resource, professional development and learning excellence. Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV or KV) caters to a range of sectors which include educational universities, training institutes and numerous consultants.

Dubai Science Park – DSP

The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, also known as the Dubai Science Park (DSP) is an initiative to emphasizes the biotechnological sectors and pharmaceutical industry in the country. Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park is the only freezone in the world dedicated to life science with a vision to establish a knowledge based economy. The Dubai Energy and Environment Park is also called as the ENPARK. The Dubai Energy and Environment Park is situated within the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park that is built by the TECOM Investments. The objective of having an EnPark is to endorse business-specific freezone modules and likewise encourage the energy as well as the environmental business setups in the jurisdiction.

Dubai International Academic City – DIAC

As the name suggest Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), provides an academic related business community in the region. The freezone has a widespread regional and international universities and colleges educating over 24000 students from across the world. Moreover, Dubai International Academic City, a part of TECOM Freezones also accommodates undergraduate and post-graduate students offering them over 400 categories of educational programs.

Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone – DUCAMZ

The Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone is also called as the DUCAMZ or the Dubai Auto Zone. The idea of developing a Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone was to re-export the used cars in the Asian and African markets. Dubai Auto Zone regulates under the direction of the JAFZA Authority. The Dubai Auto Zone has an easy access to the airways and sea transport facilitates to making it convenient for transferring procedures.

Dubai Production City – DPC

Dubai Production City (DPC) or Dubai Production Zone came up in March 2015, before which it was called the International Media Production Zone. Dubai Production Zone is patronage of TECOM Investments. The freezone was establish to boost the requirements of the global media production industry – the area mainly has manmade landscape and environmental setups that can be used for film production purposes. However, there are in-house business communities such as graphic designers, media production houses, publishing & printing, packaging and more.

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