How to set up a specialty clinic in Dubai?

Healthcare is a booming industry and will continue to grow exponentially, given the massive surge in population and lavish lifestyle. Dubai provides the best infrastructure and ample opportunities for medical practitioners who aspire to work in a growing medical ecosystem. In this article, we will be exploring how to set up a specialty clinic in Dubai.

The UAE is home to the premier medical facility in the Middle East – DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City). It’s the prime location to start a healthcare business in Dubai as you get to learn and practice your dream profession under the world’s best medical practitioners. Therefore, every law in the UAE is well-defined and facilitates the investors to set up their healthcare business without any trouble.

The cost-effective healthcare model and supportive jurisdiction in Emirates helps you set up specialty clinics in Dubai. You need to get several approvals from DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and DED (Department of Economic Development). Therefore, you can hire a business professional in Dubai who would help you set up your specialty clinic in Dubai.

Documents required to set up a specialty clinic in Dubai

  • A valid medical certification from international agencies or the DHA (appoint a medical director for your business if you don’t possess the medical degree and certification)
  • Passport copies of all participating members – business partners, local sponsor (UAE National/local agent), and the medical director
  • Tourist visa/entry stamp page of all the participating members. Conversely, you can submit the residence visa page along with a copy of Emirates ID
  • MoA signed by all the expat partners and the local agent
  • Trade name for the company alongside the field of business – you can establish your private clinic in the fields of urology, dentistry, cosmology, and gynecology
  • A professional license issued by DED
  • Approval of all licenses by DHA. The licenses differ for resident doctors, student interns, trainees, specialists, and general practitioners

Guide to setting up a specialty clinic in the UAE

Only the best get an opportunity to work in Dubai’s robust healthcare industry. Once you establish a specialty clinic in the region, you can expect a handsome income in quick time. As per the laws set by the UAE government, a single medical specialist can cater to one medical activity.

If the same professional wants to take care of different medical activities, he/she should have the appropriate certification and working experience in both the medical fields. Similarly, it also needs to be approved by DHA. In case DHA rejects such an application, separate specialist doctors must take care of the medical requirements.

Here’s the procedure to start your specialty clinic

1. Trade name reservation

Decide a trading name for your medical venture. Ensure that you abide by the naming rules and regulations maintained by the UAE government. Once you finalize the name, you need to file an online application with DED to reserve that name. Wait for its approval after successful submission.

2. Secure the initial approval from DED

submit all the documents mentioned above to obtain DED’s initial approval. Apart from the documents, a detailed business layout also needs to be forwarded to Dubai Municipality for approval of the proposed specialty clinic.

3. Obtain DHA’s approval

Post approval from DED, you need to obtain DHA’s consent for your clinic. Thus, you need to apply for a license to the DHA with a feasibility report for your clinic/business plan.

4. Document submission: provide all the necessary documents to the concerned authorities to register your specialty clinic. Ensure that no document’s missing and every detail is double-checked to avoid procedural delays.

5. Final approval from DED: provide documents like NOC, valid building contract, list of medical directors and healthcare professionals, and a copy of the initial approval document from DED. You would also need to pay a registration fee, and DED would issue your trade license once everything is approved.

6. Apply for a DHA medical license: to obtain your clinical license from the DHA, you need to create a user ID on the DHA portal. Upload details of all medical consultants, other professionals working in your business, affection plan, lease agreement, etc. Once all documents are duly verified, you’ll receive the permit to establish your specialty clinic in Dubai.

To summerise, the entire process takes around 25-40 days to complete.

Minimum capital requirement

DHC based free zones LLC has slated AED 50,000 as the minimum capital requirement for commercial medical settings. Also, the requirement elevates to 300,000 for clinical settings. However, there aren’t any minimum capital requirements for establishing a branch.

A specialty clinic in DHC, when set up in the free zones, has several advantages. You can enjoy 100% tax-free benefits (exemptions from corporate tax, custom duty, etc.). You also get a 100% business acquisition. Furthermore, you have access to world-class medical infrastructure at affordable operational costs.

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