Incredible facts about Dubai South Free zone

Dubai South Free zone is not just another free zone in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai South is one among the major upcoming destination of Dubai – that does not only focus of commercial prospects but is soon to become a landmark. Adhering to the market demand, anticipating the accelerated growth of innovative start-ups and creating avenues for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country – Dubai South is the next place you need to be!

Here are some of the interesting and incredible facts of Dubai South Free zone:

  1. Did you know that Dubai South Free zone was actually launched as a part of Government of Dubai project in 2006?
  2. Another important fact about this place is that Dubai South Free zone is easily accessed from downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  3. Also, Dubai South Free Zone Business Setup encourages innovation, welcomes path-breaking projects and supports entrepreneurs to establish SMEs.
  4. This free zone strives to shelter business emphasizing on providing opportunity, encouraging sustainability and creating newer and efficient levels of mobility.
  5. The Free zone is focused to achieve the objectives of the Dubai Plan 2021, to promote economic diversity and growth in the UAE.
  6. Dubai South Free zone is not subjective to a nature of the business but rather provides an opportunity to distinct nature of startups, especially in the technology, innovation and creative fields.
  7. Also, Dubai South Free zone provides a scope for logistics and transportation that has been widely intergraded with technology in logistics is changing the way the world does business.
  8. Dubai South Free zone will home the world’s largest airport – the Al Maktoum International Airport, which will be a major benefit for all kinds of business.
  9. Dubai South Free zone holds an iconic exhibition district that has several upcoming and renowned events of Dubai.

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