How to start a branch office in Dubai UAE?

Opening office in Dubai or anywhere around UAE is a way through which foreign investors and entrepreneurs widen their business. While UAE provides various benefits of setting up a company, there are also several perks of having a branch of a foreign company in Dubai.

Investors are steering extensive due diligence to ensure that the business structure they opt for best suits their commercial objectives. Businessmen with well-established companies or high-brand value in other countries seek the need for opening a branch office in Dubai. Comprehending this the authorities have permitted an easy and quick way to establish a representative office in Dubai or any other Emirates.

If you would like to start a branch office in Dubai, UAE – here is what you need to do:

File an application

In order for opening office in Dubai, the foreign investor is required to fill in an application with the Ministry of Economic and Commerce. It is also essential that during the submission, a service agent agreement is also provided. The condition of having a UAE national as your service agent during the process of establishing a representative office is a must.

Take Consent from the Jurisdiction Authority or Economic Department

The UAE Ministry of Economic and Commerce will provide an agreement only after the Economic Department of the locale approves. Thus, the Ministry of Economic and Commerce will send the application to the local government for consent.

Get Approval from UAE Federal Foreign Companies Committee

The next step in the process of starting a branch office in UAE is to get approval from the Federal Foreign Companies Committee. The application is subsequently forwarded by the economics department to the committee, with a permit letter from the Ministry of Economic and Commerce for the business activity dealt by the company.

Get the License from the Ministry of Economic and Commerce

After the above-said authorities approve of the branch office, the ministerial license will be provided to the company. The license that will be given by the Ministry of Economic will also specify the business activity undertaken by the company.

Obtain your Business License

Opening a branch of a foreign company in Dubai, the registration process will take place at this stage. The branch office in Dubai will be registered by the local Economic Department, after which the Business License will be issued.

Get Registered with the Commercial Authorities

Once you have all the required documents and the licenses at hand, the branch office in Dubai can register with the authorities in the region and start the business. The branch office in Dubai is required to be registered with the Ministry of Economic Companies Register and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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