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Dubai, the commercial hub of United Arab Emirates is the second wealthiest emirate after Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the country. However, a surprising fact is that unlike the various other emirates, Dubai’s wealth was not generated from oil assets and natural reservoirs. Additionally if you are looking to expand your business or willing to start a new company, Dubai should be at the top of your locations list. Here are some benefits of starting a business in Dubai.

The ‘City of Gold’ earned its title from a diversified economy – which includes industrialization, manufacturing, trade and tourism among numerous other sectors that the commercial capital has to offer. Dubai has also embarked towards obtaining the status of the fastest growing economy in the world. With trading being the main factor that has aided the economy mainly from China, India and United States. With an ever-growing economy and competitive market, company formation in Dubai is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience.

Top 5 benefits of starting a business in Dubai

However, if you are still thinking why starting a business in Dubai is the right option for your business activity. Check the benefits of opening a company in Dubai-

Dubai is a Commercial Capital!

Did you know that Dubai now ranks 17th in the world amongst the top global commercial centers? Being a rapidly growing commercial hub has its own perks, especially for the new companies looking for a growth base.

Dubai stands a globally renowned leader in this regard because of the following reasons –

  • Excellent administrative infrastructure
  • Liberal taxation policies for new companies
  • Commercial real estate options with high ROI
  • Diversification to non-oil dependency

If you wish to take your company international, think Dubai!

Business Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai offers pro-business governmental policies as well as a liberal regulatory environment that makes the ‘City of Gold’ one of the top-notch venues in the world to conduct business. Dubai business opportunities are enormous & diversified, that has brought this commercial hub on the global front. The region has also established itself as a great economic force, attracting more investors to set up their businesses here.

Huge Tax Benefits

Since the UAE government wants to build a business-friendly ecosystem in all its emirates, foreign investors get to enjoy huge tax benefits. For instance, foreign investors are exempt from paying personal and capital gains taxes. Dubai has only VAT implemented at 5% – which is way lower than most commercial capitals in the world. These business-friendly tax policies attract a lot of new companies and establish conglomerates in this prospering territory.

Seamless Aviation Connectivity

For many business owners and company executives who are looking to set up a business in Dubai – transportation is of utmost importance. They specifically look for flight frequency and airport accessibility – with is offered at its best in Dubai. For frequent business flyers, Dubai offers seamless aviation connectivity. That means 1000s of weekly flights to every corner of the world, and easily accessible international airports.

Friendly Business Setup Process

Do not get overwhelmed by the regulatory measures and legal procedures that usually follow the company formation in Dubai. In fact, you only need to provide your passport copies and a suitable name for your business in Dubai. From there on, business setup consultants like Shuraa will help you with the registration, licensing, legal procedure and any other certification that you would require to set up a business in Dubai. From filing your name for registration to becoming a silent, non-active partner in the company as per the regulations, Shuraa will cover everything. Additionally on top of that, you get additional perks like a FREE residency visa, assistance in Corporate Bank Account, etc.

Access to International Markets

This is an added benefit for new companies who are looking to develop their business and gain initial clients. Since Dubai is a global commercial hub, players from almost all domains and industries are present there. This is a great advantage for both- B2B & B2C businesses. As the UAE climbed to 11th rank on global index of ‘ease of doing business,’ more players are establishing their roots in Dubai’s territory. Furthermore, with ports and abundant manpower, trading businesses find it easier to grow there.

First-class commercial spaces

There is an increase in new “plug-and-play” office space in Dubai. This enables a firm moving into the area to make transitions more quickly. Co-working spaces have become a major commercial trend, and Dubai is no exception. However, there are lots of creative, adaptable, and inexpensive co-working places out there.

Open your company in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup

After reading the benefits of starting a business in Dubai listed above, it makes sense that you would want to do the same. You can speak with business advisers at Shuraa Business Setup if you want further information about forming a company and registering it in Dubai.

You will receive all the information required for company establishment in Dubai from us. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll help you create a sound plan, gather all the necessary paperwork, and cheaply obtain your company license. Call us on +971 4 4081900 or WhatsApp us on +971 50 7775554. You may also email us at [email protected] or simply log on to www.shuraa.com.

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