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Trade name is the official name of a business. Trade name registration is the first step of company registration in the UAE. Prior to proceeding with trade license issuance formalities, all companies in the UAE need to reserve their trade name through trade name registration.

Company name registration in UAE does provide an identity to the business. However, as per the UAE commercial law there are a few instructions that must be considered, especially in the process of LLC company registration in UAE.

Why is a trade name registration in UAE?

Trade name registration Sharjah is nothing but company name registration in UAE’s Economic Department. Registering your company’s trade name with approvals by the Department of Economic Development is mandatory.

What is the time required for trade name registration?

Trade name registration in Abu Dhabi doesn’t take more than 24 hours and the company name can be reserved within a day. 

Types of trade name registrations not approved by the DED

  • Trade name registration basically means that you are reserving a name for your company. Similar trade names must not be registered by other commercial entities. Trade names need to be unique, if a duplicate name is registered authorities will not approve of it.
  • A trade name is not registered in the UAE if the trade name breaches the public order or moral. Also, misleading trade names are not approved by the DED authority. The DED ensures that the company name registration in UAE must be done in accordance with the commercial activity.
  • The business owner must also ensure that the trade name registration does not contain the name of “Allah” (God) or any other religious names. Trade name registration Dubai affiliated with the ruling authority is also not allowed.

How to register trade name in UAE?

Trade name registration in UAE can be done simply by filling up an application with the Economic Department. However, documents need to be submitted along with the application and trade name reservation fees must be paid at the counter.

You can register your trade name online as well as offline in the UAE. If you would like the Shuraa Business Setup to register the trade name with the Economic Department, we can do it in the easiest way.

How to Check Company Registration in the UAE? 

A trade license is required for every registered firm in the country to function. You can ask them to email you a copy or look it up on the DED’s website (Department of Economic Development). Trade licenses are not confidential documents because they must be posted publicly in any office or store. It is a public right to request or have reference to this information. 

Keep in mind that the majority of shady businesses will provide you with an erroneous registration number. Furthermore, its verification is straightforward and will prevent you from entering into a difficult and unprofitable business arrangement. 

When presenting the franchise agreement to the Department of Economic Development, the enterprise has the right to leverage a trading name for another corporation that acquired the franchise right. 

Trade name registration in Dubai is hassle-free, and it’s valid for a period of six months. If the consumer’s trade name registration expires, he or she must re-reserve the name and settle all the payments. If the trademark proprietor has not issued the trade license before the end of the reserve period, the business name will be automatically axed. 

If the trade name is too similar to an established trade name or does not correspond with the specified terms and conditions, the Department of Economic Development has the power to cancel or amend it. 

What is the trade name registration fees?

Trade name registration fees in the UAE may differ depending on the Economic Department; the Emirates you decide to register your business with and the trade name that you choose.

However, the nominal charges as per the Dubai Economic Department are listed below –

• Trade name registration fees in Dubai is AED 620.
• In case you want a foreign name, the trade name registration fees in Dubai will be AED 2000

If you would like to know the trade name registration fees in any other Emirates of UAE or want to know the new company registration fee in UAE, speak with an expert!

Book a free consultation with Shuraa Business Setup. Call us on +97144081900 / +97143510077 or WhatsApp on +971507775554. Email us on [email protected] or chat with a live agent on our website www.shuraa.com

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