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Cost of Abu Dhabi Company Registration

Register company in Abu Dhabi at lowest cost ever with Shuraa Business Setup.

Package Includes

Company registration in Abu Dhabi

Company registration in Abu Dhabi is easy with Shuraa Business Setup. You can pay for the first year and be sorted for the second year with no hassle or renewals required. Also, the cost of starting a company in Abu Dhabi is reasonable than most Emirates across the UAE. For AED 23,500* you can have a full-fledged license and all the essential documentation to setup your company.

Mandate Documents

Be it professional company, normal or general trading LLC company – Abu Dhabi mainland business registration mandates several documents. All company structures have different set of documents that may be required in the process of business setup in Abu Dhabi. At Shuraa Business Setup we cover your documentation costs including the mandated PRO services in Abu Dhabi.

Rented Offices

Did you know that it is compulsory to have an office to setup a business in UAE? But renting office to setup a business in Abu Dhabi is not a compulsion. Startup companies can save their initial costs and skip renting an office space by setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. With Shuraa you get a comprehensive solution on starting a business in Abu Dhabi – speak to our representatives for more details.

Governmental Works 

Get complete foreign ownership with 2-years mainland license in Abu Dhabi at only AED 23,500*. That’s not all! We also help you with all the governmental works required to setup a business in Abu Dhabi. Company registration in Abu Dhabi requires you to deal with the Economic Department and various other governmental bodies depending on your business types. However, with Shuraa Business Setup you can be hassle free as we offer one-stop-solutions for all your needs.

Cost Includes–

  • Free Business Setup Consultation
  • Dedicated Consultant
  • License Cost
  • Registration Cost
  • UAE Local Agent
  • Stamp of The Company
  • Annual PRO services
  • Complete Documentation
  • Provision for up to 3 Employees


All-inclusive company setup

AED 23,500* (for two years)

  • License Fees
  • Registration Fees
  • UAE Local Sponsor
  • Stamp of The Company
  • Provision For 3 Employees (Can Add More If Required)

Frequently Asked Question on Company Registration in Abu Dhabi UAE

Why start a business in Abu Dhabi?

Starting a business in Abu Dhabi is ideal for startup as well as multinational companies. Company registration in Abu Dhabi does not only provide you to own a company in the capital of the UAE but also provide you affordable options on company setup in the UAE. With company registration in Abu Dhabi you can do business for two years by just paying for one year with Shuraa Business Setup. There are several other perks such as no compulsion on renting an office space, increased trading options, etc.

How to start a business in Abu Dhabi?

Do you want to start a new business in Abu Dhabi? Are you wondering how to start restaurant business in Abu Dhabi? Do you need more information about any other business activity in terms of Abu Dhabi company registration? Each company registration in Abu Dhabi has a set of procedure that needs to be followed. With Shuraa’s comprehensive package you can start a business in Abu Dhabi in the most affordable and effective manner. Simply get all your questions answered by an expert. Chat with us or connect with one of our business consultants to get bespoke business setup solutions.

What is the need of having company formation consultants in Abu Dhabi?

From an SME or small business in Abu Dhabi or a large multinational entity, company formation consultants in Abu Dhabi offer the best guidance. Having a UAE company formation consultant does not only make the process of company registration in Abu Dhabi easier but also cost effective. Shuraa Business Setup in Abu Dhabi offers one-stop solution, our expert consultants help you through a wide range of business setup services in Abu Dhabi.

What is the package available for company setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland?

The Abu Dhabi mainland offers simplified setup options. Start a professional company, normal trading company or a general trading company for as low as AED 23,500*. However, it may depend on the business activity and the type of setup you are planning. For more information speak to a business setup consultant right away!

What are the various costs of company registration in Abu Dhabi included in the package?

The package of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi is 29,500*. The cost includes Abu Dhabi trade license fees, registration fees, local sponsor in Abu Dhabi, visa cost for owner / partner, stamp of the company, owner / partner medical and emirates id and provision for 3 employees (can add more if required).