Start your Online Business with an E-Trader License in Dubai

Start your online business with e-trader license in Dubai

In the day and age of fast-paced technological growth, social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram have managed to become giant players in the world of advertising and marketing. If you want to enhance your online business in the UAE with the help of these digital mediums, you need to get an e-trader license in Dubai. 

Now every entrepreneur, be it a small enterprise or just an individual, can push their product via social media channels to garner growth and make a name for their brand in the market. The same goes for a lot of fashion brands, local businesses, handicraft cottage industries, etc. 

Therefore, realising the opportunity at hand and to stay up to date with the world in the age of social media, the Dubai government began issuing e-trader licenses via the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

An e-trader license in Dubai helps businesses of all variants function efficiently on social media platforms and establish their brands. This blog explains how to use the e-trader license efficiently for your home business. 

What is an e-trader license in Dubai? 

E-trader license allows individuals and companies to sell their products and services in Dubai via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Launched in 2017, the primary intention of this initiative was to promote people to do business over social networking channels. Moreover, the license aims to regulate the sale of real products and services and curb fake promotional activities conducted through social media in Dubai. 

The e-trader license also validates its owner to attend exhibitions and workshops conducted by the DED to help understand the powers vested under their license and use them judiciously to grow their business. 

Who can apply for an e-trader license in Dubai? 

E-trader license can be availed by the UAE citizens, GCC Nationals, and expats, who reside in Dubai and satisfy the minimum age requirement of 21. With an e-trader license in Dubai, an individual can legally set up a digital shop where they can market and sell products and services through their social media accounts which include Instagram, Facebook, and other similar platforms. They can also promote their business on their personal website or feature their products and services on online marketplaces. Furthermore, they can conduct these activities sitting at home without the requirement of office space.

 While the benefits of having a business license are many, there are a few hiccups that may arise out of an arrangement like this. For this, the DED is always present as the regulator to protect the privacy of your business or ensure the authenticity of the product being marketed and sold via social media channels. To this effect, the DED monitors businesses via a set of rules directed under an e-trader license in Dubai, within the array of which online trading, marketing, and legal transactions are managed efficiently. 

How to apply for an online business permit in Dubai? 

All businesses in the UAE must possess a valid business license to ensure that they do not land in any legal trouble or raise any compliance issues. The same also goes for online trading companies. 

 The application for the e-trader license starts with a straightforward process of registration on the DED’s website. You will need to enter your details alongside the information related to your social media accounts that you want to leverage for your online business. Once done, you can pay the required fee for your e-trade license in Dubai, and you are done. However, do ensure that you renew it annually before the due date. 

For this, you can always contact the business experts at Shuraa to know more about the e-trader license in Dubai or any other queries concerning company incorporation in the UAE.

Documents required for e-trader license in Dubai 

The UAE’s government maintains a strict documentation policy to ensure that there are not any fraudulent or unauthorised businesses. Therefore, you must submit the following documents to the concerned authority for obtaining your online trading license in Dubai:

  • An official document highlighting your identity for age verification 
  • Residential proof with a valid Emirates ID 
  • An approval certificate of trade name reservation 
  • A copy of the invoice of the payment made for the e-trader license 

The payment must be made within 24 hours of the issuance of the payment voucher. Post completion, the UAE e-trader license is issued within three to five business days.

Benefits of having an online trading permit 

An e-trader license in Dubai offers several benefits: 

  • Promotes trouble-free sales 
  • Certifies legitimacy and authenticity to engage in e-commerce activities 
  • Safeguards intellectual property and trade name 
  • Provides legal authority to sell goods digitally 
  • Facilitates participation in events, exhibitions, and seminars conducted by the DED 

 Apart from the advantages listed above, there are a few more noteworthy features of having a trade license in Dubai:  

  1. Ease of opening a bank account 
  2. Registering with the Dubai Chamber for a membership to export and import the products easily 
  3. Advertise online business on social media, market products or services. 

Facts to remember: 

  • E-trader license is Emirate-specific, hence, cannot be used for trading in other Emirates if issued in Dubai 
  • DED’s approval along with a separate e-trader license is mandatory to sell your commodities in other emirates 
  • Expat entrepreneurs are restricted from directly engaging in commercial trading. However, they are allowed to provide professional services 
  • There are certain limitations in the eligibility criteria for license issuance for expat entrepreneurs, which are informed during license registration process 


Get started! 

Now that you know about the benefits and purpose of conducting business with an e-trader license in Dubai, that too from the comfort of your home, what are you waiting for? 

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