Planning to start your business on social media

Start your online business with an E-Trader License in Dubai

In the day and age of fast-paced technological growth, it has become easier to enhance your online business with the help of digital mediums. Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have managed to become giant players in the world of advertising and marketing. Now every entrepreneur be it a small home-based company or just an individual, can push their product via the social media channels to garner growth and create their market and niche. The same has been seen for a lot of fashion brands, local businesses, handicraft cottage industries, etc. All you need to do is get an e-trader license in Dubai.


Therefore, realising the opportunity at hand and in an effort to stand abreast with the world in the age of social media, the Dubai government began issuing an e-trader license under the Department of Economic Development (DED). The bid is to encourage new-age investors, entrepreneurs and businessowners to invest in an online business settled within one of the fastest-growing business hubs of the world, Dubai. An e-trading license in Dubai helps businesses of all variants to function efficiently on the social media platforms and establish their brand of a business.

What is an e-trader license in Dubai?

Launched in the year 2017, the primary intention of this initiative was to promote people to do business over social media. The e-trader license in Dubai not only allows the companies to introduce their services and products on social media which would also allow them to sell their products easily but also helps in support the customers’ confidence in investing time and money when shopping online. The license moreover aims to regulate the sale of products and services conducted through social media in Dubai.


For UAE citizens, GCC Nationals and expats, means have been made available for them to apply for the e-trader license in Dubai adhering to the condition that the individual is a resident of Dubai and is over 21 years of age.


In this blog, we will get to know how to use the e-trader license in Dubai efficiently and judiciously to grow your home business.


With an e-trade license in Dubai the individuals can legally set up an digital shop where they can market and sell products and services through their social media accounts which include Instagram, Facebook, and many more other similar platforms. They can also push their product on their personal website or feature their products and services on online marketplaces. The e-trader license also validates the owner of the license to attend exhibitions and workshops conducted by DED to help understand the powers vested under their e-trader license and use them judiciously to grow their business.


This license is strictly for a single-owner home-based online business in Dubai. Freelancer and individuals with this e-trader license in Dubai cannot open a physical shop or issue visas. While the perks of having a business license are many, there are a few hiccups that arise out of an arrangement like this, for which the DED is always there as an integral watchdog to protect the privacy of one’s business, or make sure of the authenticity of the product being marketed and sold via social media channels. To this effect, the DED regulates and manages business via a set of rules directed under an e-trader license in Dubai, within the gamut of which online trading, marketing, conducting legal payments and buying/selling of products and services are managed efficiently.



Boosting your business


So, apart from the prominent benefits enlisted within the license, let us get to know a few more salient features that this service registers within itself and are provided by Dubai: 

  • Anyone can register their own trade name and protect it via legal methods.
  • Any entrepreneur with an e-trader license can participate in exhibitions which are conducted in Dubai.
  • Ease of opening a bank account.
  • Ease of registering with the Dubai Chamber and gaining its membership to export and import the products easily.
  • Anyone with an e-trader license in Dubai can conduct and attend training and workshops pertaining to judicious use of the license and benefits under it.
  • And, one can advertise their online business on social media, marketing their products or services.


Now that we have discussed at length about the benefits of conducting business with an e-trader license in Dubai, that too from the comfort of your home, then what is it that you are waiting for?


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