Visa amnesty provides hope to illegal expatriates in the UAE

Visa amnesty provides hope to illegal expatriates in the UAE

Several workers who have entered the country illegally or overstayed in the UAE are taking the initiative of visa amnesty very positively. As per a news report over 1,534 people applied on the first day of the amnesty programme at its centers in Al Aweer and Amer.

Visa amnesty has given hope for many illegal expatriates in the country. These illegal residents under visa amnesty can now leave the country without paying any fees or penalties. They may also apply to the immigration department requesting visa extension. The visa can be extended for a period of six-month with the terms to search for employment.

The visa amnesty has granted expats with expired visa three-months of time. The general visa amnesty by the UAE government is from August 1, 2018, to October 31, 2018.

The government has initiated a scheme ‘PROTECT YOURSELF VIA RECTIFYING YOUR STATUS’ which offers:

  • Three-months grace period to leave the country and no penalty will be levied.
  • A chance to rectify the visa status by paying only the re-issuance fees of 521 AED without any penalty.
  • All absconding cases will be closed, and no bans will be applicable unless the entity has a criminal case on him/her.
  • For violators without the passport, travel documents will be prepared by the consulate. The documents will be created after a certificate for the lost passport will be issued.
  • Visa amnesty will not be provided to people with criminal cases or pending legal cases.

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