How to register trademark in the uae

Trademark Registration in the UAE: Cost, Process & Validity

Business setup in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE comes with a number of formalities such as getting a trade license, applying for company registration, drafting documents, visa and immigration procedures, need of corporate bank accounts, acquiring approvals from the judicial authorities and the list goes on. But, trademark registration in Dubai is a factor that not many businessmen as well as business setup companies in UAE emphasize on.

You brainstorm on choosing your company name, spend heaps of money to design a logo and other identification materials, get company registration and business licenses as well as go through the tedious procedure of initiating your business and gaining an identity for your business in the market, but is your identity secure? Can you assure yourself that no other company would make use of the goodwill of your business? How certain can you be that the company’s credibility will not be stolen? 

In this article, we will learn how to keep your company’s credibility intact, comprehend the aspects that denote the importance of a trademark registration in Dubai and why it is extremely essential to get your trademark registered. 

Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

Here are a few pointers that will state that trademark registration is a significant part of company forming in UAE: 

Ownership: Trademark registration in UAE provides you with a guarantee that when you have invested the resources on your business, you have the exclusive entitlement to own it. UAE trademark registration ascertains the brand’s credibility and is an inexpensive way to secure exclusivity of your business ownership. 

Creates Easy Identification: A logo, brand name or company’s signs convey emotional attributes and intellectual notion about the business – generating a sense of reputation for the company that allows the perceiver to classify the business solely. 

Secures Duplicity:  Dubai trademark registration office authority assures that your trademark is protected with an ownership rights symbol. Action is taken if any other business entity decides to choose the conflicting mark against the law. Moreover, getting brand registration offers an authority to sue a business that may have illegally created a duplicate trademark. 

Brand Value: A trademark registered business accentuates the brand value of the company. Trademarks in the UAE benefit with precision on the goods and services offered by the company as well as positively impact the perceived value.

Regulations for Choosing a Trademark for your Business in the UAE

  1. There should be no profane or indecent terms in the company name. A corporation that utilizes such a moniker in the marketplace faces severe consequences. A complaint against such organizations can also be made by the general public. 
  1. The name must not be deceptive in any way. Moreover, this means that your company name should reflect your business operations rather than pointing to another domain. An IT firm that simply provides development services, for instance, should avoid integrating phrases like a consultation in its name. 
  1. It is completely forbidden to use terms that are disrespectful, insulting, or hurtful to people’s feelings or religious beliefs. Any reference to God in English, Arabic, or other languages is immediately rejected, and investors should avoid using such expressions. 
  1. You must drop the name if it has already been reserved by another company even if it doesn’t break any other naming laws and regulations. Furthermore, the UAE’s business rules stipulate that you cannot choose a trademark if it is held by copyright by another company. 
  1. There should be no political overtones in the company name. If any of these hints are discovered (directly or indirectly), the administration will refuse to authorize your prospective trading name.

How To Register a Trademark in the UAE

Now it’s time to figure out how to go about making it official. To start a business in the UAE, you’ll need this proof. As a result, follow these procedures for brand registration in Dubai:

Step 1. Prepare a List of Names as per the Standards

You should have a few ideas in mind that you wish to use as the official name of your enterprise. All you have to do is make a list of them and analyze them according to the naming convention criteria established by the UAE’s regulatory authorities. Remove or change any names that do not fall into the legal category or don’t meet the government’s regulations.

Step 2. Check the Brand Name’s Availability

After you’ve compiled a list of legitimate business names that don’t break any of the naming policy rules, you’ll need to see if they’re still available. The Local Ministry of Economy provides a public service that anyone can use to check availability. If the trademark is already taken, you must remove it from your list to comply with UAE business name regulations.

Step 3. Reservation of a trademark

The trade name allocation is necessary because you’ll need it to get a business license and for a variety of other legal procedures. You can either submit your application in person or online through the Department of Economic Development (DED). Within a few days of submitting your application, you will obtain official permission from the relevant authority.

Step 4. Pay the Fee

Making the required payment is the last step in reserving a brand name for your organization. You have the option of paying digitally or in person at the relevant department, just as you did throughout the application procedure. 

Furthermore, after the candidates receive the payment voucher, they have 72 hours to pay the official fees. A trademark reservation will set you back roughly AED 620. You’ll have to pay extra for special characters, regional allusions, and other things.

Connect with Shuraa for trademark registration

In the UAE, there are various business name laws, and the name you choose should not break any of the government’s recommendations. The requirements are simple to understand. Furthermore, reserving a commercial name for your firm will not be difficult. 

It’s vital to get a legal business name because you’ll need it at different stages of the Dubai company registration process. An appealing brand name can help you expand your reach while also instilling trust in your customers.

Still confused on what a trademark actually represents or why implementing it for your business is essential. Speak to Shuraa Business Setup Experts and know more about trademark registration Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. You could also drop in an enquiry and we will get back to you!