Things to know before you rent an office in a Business Center in Dubai

If you are planning to incorporate a new business in Dubai, it is essential as well as mandate under some circumstances to have an office space. A commercial space has certain requirements, whereas building an entire structure right from starch is not practical and can be extremely difficult – especially for start-ups. So if you are thinking on how to go about and where to rent an office in a business center in Dubai, read on!

Every office has various demands depending on the business or commercial activity. Apart from representing the brand of the company, an office also needs to form a positive impression in the minds of the clients and prospects. An office needs to have demographics access, calculate demand and supply chain, provide opportunity, cope-up with the competition, stay on budget, consider the laws of the jurisdiction and much more.

Thus, when it comes to business setup in Dubai or any other emirates, several businesses are opting for serviced offices and space within business centers in Dubai that are both functional and appealing.

Here are some basic guidelines that help you know how to rent an office in a business center in Dubai:


Everyone in Dubai wants offices on Sheikh Zayed road or a business center in business bay, why is that? It is because these locations serve best in regards to convenience and approachability. Before you rent business centers in Dubai it is crucial that you check the accessibility of the location and the conducive it would server.


An office must be centrally located and conveniently connected to other parts of the city. It is also important that the office is close to banks, metro, airport, shops, malls, etc.

Range of Service

Dubai business centers come with a wide range of services and are well serviced, thus before you rent a business center make sure you check the facilities. Business Center in Dubai offer communication facilities; Wi-Fi and internet services; reception and administrational assistance; conference and meeting rooms; pantry and free beverages; etc.

Cost Consideration

What makes an office in business centers in Dubai an ideal option is that you are free from maintenance and day-to-day expenses of running an office. Cost of renting business centers in Dubai is much cheaper than getting a self-owned office space on rent. Infrastructure, furniture and several other such services are facilitated, thus you could just walk-in and get down to business from day one!

Renewal or Recurring Charges

There are possibilities that office in a business center in Dubai may or may not have renewal or recurring costs, apart for the monthly or yearly rent. Depending on where you rent an office in Dubai or what is stated in the tenancy contract – you will be imposed with a recurring charge. Nevertheless, the best business centers in Dubai charge just the rent and a refundable deposit – that is paid back when you leave the place.

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