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Know everything about Business Trade License in Dubai

Department of Economic Development in Dubai has categorized every business under various licenses, providing them prominence as per their business activity. Having a business license in Dubai does not only provide a proper business structure to regulate but also allows the company to attain several benefits.

There Are Three Main Types of Business Licenses in Dubai:

 Attaining Business Trade License in Dubai:

Every business activity has a list of its own requirements – before applying for the business license, it is extremely important to outline the legal requirements, imply the governmental necessities and make crucial related decisions. However, below are the pointers that are required to be carried out by every business entity to acquire a business license in Dubai.

Renewal of Business Trade License in Dubai:

A Business Trade License is valid up to one-year and can be further extended for another four-years – on the condition – if you have the subsequent documents until the mentioned time period. Likewise, during the renewal process of the business trade license in Dubai, various permissions from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and other judicial bodies will be required depending on the type of business license you propose to renew. Nonetheless, the four essential documents every renewal process needs are as follows:

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