News agency business setup in Dubai

No day in Dubai is a slow news day. In a city like Dubai, the profession of researching, gathering and imparting information can be highly exciting. If journalism is your passion, here’s all you need to know about news agency business setup in Dubai.

For news and media business setup in Dubai, you have to submit required documents and bear the relevant service charges. Thereafter, the procedure to obtain a professional trade license from the Department of Economic Department (DED) is quite simple and cost effective.

Documents required for news agency business setup in Dubai

To apply for your professional license for your news and media business setup in Dubai, you will have to prepare the following documents:

Application form

Carefully fill in the form with your details

Identity proof

Submit a passport copy of you and your business partners (if any)


Prepare two passport-sized photographs of yourself

Primary permit

Keep handy a copy of initial approval from relevant government authority

Additional permit

Check if your business activity requires any special permit or a No-Objection Certificate (NoC) from any government agency. Get those ready on time.

Name registration

Keep your trade name registration certificate ready for your news agency business setup in Dubai.

Process of setting up a news and media agency in Dubai

Once you prepare all the documents for your news agency business setup in Dubai, follow the steps mentioned below:

Trade name

Choose a name for your company. Have at least three options ready. However, do keep in mind that you cannot choose a name with religious connotation such as Allah’s name and its synonyms. You should also refrain from including the name of any country or government entity. In case it is unavoidable, you need to take permission from the embassies or consulates concerned. Moreover, the name you choose for your business should not be offensive or obscene. Lastly, the trade name charges for non-Arabic (foreign) names or those other than the owners’ name are chargeable. The DED’s website lists complete do’s and don’t about choosing an appropriate name for your business.

Office location

The location of your news and media agency business setup is crucial in more than one way. First, the accessibility of the office via public transportation should be considered for your staff members. Next comes your brand reflection. In order to gain trust of your investors and future make affiliations, you need to ensure your office is located in an impressive area to suit your brand. Some other important considerations include, the reporters travelling. A centrally located office will allow your ground heroes to capture information and deliver faster. Further aspects to bear in mind include parking facilities and security among others.

Company structure

Obtaining a professional license for your news and media agency business setup in Dubai comes with lucrative benefits. You can own a sole establishment are get 100% ownership of your company. This means your will have full control over your business operations as well as profit. Therefore, you can focus on growing your business with ease.

Trade license for news and media business setup in Dubai

Lastly, you can receive your professional trade license from DED and get started.

How much will it cost?

There are multiple fees for governmental and corporate services that you will have to avail for your news agency business setup in Dubai. These formalities can be seamlessly done through reliable company formation experts at Shuraa Business Setup. Our corporate services help digital marketing agencies in Dubai start their companies for AED 18,500 only.

This all-inclusive package for news agency business setup in Dubai includes:

  • Trade license
  • Name and initials approvals
  • LSA notary fee
  • Stamp of the company
  • Tasheel fee
  • Corporate service fee
  • Complete documentation
  • Immigration card
  • Investor visa
  • Change of status
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa stamping
  • Office sustainability contract
  • Office solution
  • Employment visa quota
  • Bank account assistance
  • Free VAT registration and tax consultation
  • Free business setup consultation
  • Dedicated consultant

To learn more about this exclusive package, call us on +971 44081900. You can also chat with our experts over WhatsApp on +971 507775554 or drop us an email on

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