How to get media license in Dubai

How to Get a Media License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is one of the world’s most thriving and dynamic cities, drawing visitors and businesspeople from all over the world. A media license is a need for anybody wishing to launch a media-related firm or operate in the media sector in Dubai. But for individuals who are not aware of the rules and standards, the procedure for getting a media license can be complicated and perplexing. We will walk you through the procedure for obtaining a media license in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and provide you all the knowledge you want to complete it effectively in this article. 

What is a Media License?

People and organizations need to get a media license, which is an official document, in order to engage in media-related activities in a certain nation or region. A regulatory organization that monitors media-related activities and makes sure that media practitioners adhere to pertinent laws and regulations issues the license. 

For print, broadcast, and internet media operations in Dubai, media licenses are issued by the National Media Council. (NMC). However, to operate in the media sector, one must have a license. This is only attainable after meeting specific requirements and finishing the required documentation. 

Benefits of Having a Media License in Dubai

For businesses working in the media industry, having a media license in Dubai can have a number of advantages. The following are a few of the main advantages of holding a media license in Dubai: 

Legal Compliance

Legal compliance is one of the most important advantages of obtaining a media license in Dubai. Without a license, it is against the law to operate a media-related business. This can also lead to penalties, legal problems, and potentially the liquidation of the company. Obtaining a media license guarantees that you are working inside Dubai’s legal system and adhering to all rules and regulations established by the government. 


The most important is that your company or profession gains credibility if you have a media license. It reassures your clients and consumers that you are a credible business that complies with Dubai law. Additionally, you may become a respected figure in Dubai’s media industry by obtaining a media license. 

Access to Resources

By obtaining a Media License, you can obtain press releases and other official notifications pertaining to your sector. Also, one can keep up with the most recent trends and advancements in your industry thanks to access to information. 

Increased Opportunities

One can network with other experts, attend industry-related events and fairs, and investigate new business prospects if you have a license. Additionally. you may expand your company and position yourself as a pioneer in your industry with the aid of this more exposure. 

Who Needs a Media License in Dubai?

Following are some instances of people and companies in Dubai who need a media license: 

Publishers and Printers

A media license is necessary for businesses that publish books, periodicals, newspapers, or any other printed material. This also applies to printers who produce such materials. 


An organization that broadcasts on television, radio, or any other electronic medium requires a Media License. This also covers broadcasting platforms including TV and radio stations, internet media, and others. 

Advertising Agencies

Marketing, public relations, or advertising companies should have a media license. This also comprises public relations businesses, marketing consultants, and advertising agencies. 

Event Management Companies

Event Management company that plans public gatherings like concerts, festivals, exhibits also needs to have a media license. 

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers who create material for their platforms also need to apply for a license from the appropriate regulatory body in UAE. 

The Cost of Obtaining Media License in Dubai

In Dubai, a media license costs approximately AED 8000*. Depending on the media action, the location, and other elements, the precise expense may change.  

To fully grasp the expenses involved and the procedure for getting a media license, it is also advisable to confer with our reputable company setup professional service providers at Shuraa Business Setup in Dubai. They can help you acquire the required authorizations and licenses from the necessary agencies, such as the National Media Council (NMC) and the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority. (DCCA). 

Note: License costs are subject to updates in UAE’s laws & regulations. Prices may differ depending on your business specifications. 


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